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Try Out These Blush Shades And Don't Stick To Red!

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Girls, you must come out of the regular red or pink blush shades and try out these ravishing new blush shades. These shades are made for different skin tones ranging from dark to pigmented skin tone. These blush shades can give you a sophisticated look depending on your skin tone.

These blushes add a warm look to your skin, defining your contours in the best ways possible. Now, it is time to try out these prominent, yet subtle, shades to add a class to your look.

These blushes can also make the skin look bright, especially for those girls who have a dark skin complexion. Girls with a cool skin tone need an extra effect for their skin and even they can try out these shades.

However, you need to know how to apply these shades as mentioned below in the article. Also, there are various benefits of using these different shades on your skin tone.

So, read on to find out the different blush shades for your skin.



Nowadays, an orange lip colour is in fashion, as it makes a thin face look extra glamorous. However, you can try this shade on your face as a blush as well. A proper technique needs to be followed while applying an orange blush. Apply it on your lower-mid cheekbones and eyelids as well. It will add a healthy look to your face and will also work well for a warm freckled skin type.


Rust Shade

This shade will give you a warm and natural look. If you have a moderate brown, brownish, or tannish skin type then try this shade out on your skin. It can give you a subtle but a noticeable flush. Apply it with a tapered brush in the hollows of your cheeks.



This shade is meant for deeper skin tones. It will add a purplish tone to your skin. Make sure to blend it well on your skin. This shade can fade away a dark complexion and can even draw attention towards the purplish tint.


White Blush

This shade adds a shine to the pale skin tone. It will also work as a soft highlighter on all types of skin tones. Apply using foundation brushes and blend it well. Apply it at all of the places on your face, where you would use a highlighter such as cheeks and brow bones.



This shade of blush is very close to a neon shade, so apply a little on your cheeks. Apply this shade sparingly on the apples of your cheeks for a dramatic yet subtle look.


Bright Red

This blush needs a trained hand and some patience, as it can turn out to be a disaster if not applied well. You can get a healthy, warm and natural look with this dark-red blush shade. This shade can give you an extra natural flush effect. Just dab a blush brush lightly onto the blush and apply it slowly on the face.


Grey Blush Shade

It gives you a subtle and discreet contour on your face, which gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. Apply it with a small brush on the hollows of your cheek. People with a cool skin tone must use this blush for a shadowy hue on their face.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 9, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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