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Steps To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Women love to use lipsticks. The exciting colours and the heart-warming aroma and those little colour tubes attract ladies the most. But, often, it is seen that the perfect shades of the most famous brands fail to give ladies the desired look.

After all, you want a smooth touch and an even finish after applying lipstick, isn't it? But, most of you end up with chapped lips and an awkward look instead. So, are there any steps to apply lipstick perfectly?

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Yes, with simple seven steps to apply lipstick perfectly, you can make your lips look gorgeous and attractive and master the art of applying lipstick. The main problem with applying lipstick is that it doesn't stay long.

What you can do is to extend the time of having lipstick on your lips. Therefore, you need effective steps to apply lipstick perfectly to help you out.

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Though there are several other ways, these seven steps to apply lipstick perfectly can give you an even look and you can easily follow these at home as well.

Even if you're in a hurry, these seven steps to apply lipstick perfectly won't take much time. Try these steps to apply lipstick perfectly and get the look.

Steps to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

1. Prep Your Lips: Never apply lipstick on chapped lips. They can look awful. Apply lip balm evenly on your lips to get a moisturised tone. Now, apply a lip primer, so that it keeps the colour stay on for a long period of time.

2. Work With The Base: This is one of the most important steps to apply lipstick perfectly. Take a concealer that matches with the skin tone of your lips. It will give you an even tone. Now, take a small fluffy brush and apply it on to your lips. Seal it with compact.

Steps to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

3. Use A Lip Liner: Often, ladies want to avoid it, as it makes your lips look fuller. You should know the technique to use it well. Always use a lip liner that is of the same colour as your lipstick. Now, draw outlines from one corner of your lips to the other. Fill in the middle portion with the liner.

4. Apply Lipstick: Choose a shade that suits your complexion and dress colour the best. Now, apply it on your lips evenly. You should start from the center and then move towards the corners. You can apply it directly from the tube, but applying lipstick with a brush gives more precision.

Steps to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

5. Remove Excess Colour: Before applying the second coat, take a tissue paper and press it on your lips. It will remove the excess colour. Now, apply it for the second time. To get a more intense look, second coat is necessary.

Steps to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

6. Define Your Lips: Take concealer on a flat brush and blend it on the corners and edges of your lips. It will give you a more defined look and you can also correct the shape of your lips with this step. Again, this will prevent the colour from getting smeared.

7. Use Lip Gloss With Shimmer: While finishing the steps to apply lipstick perfectly, this is the thing you'll need to do at the end. If you want a glossy look, lip gloss can help. Try to use a neutral coloured lip gloss and shimmer to make your lips look plump. Remember, always use lip gloss at the centre of your lips only.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 3, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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