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Most Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

By: Ajanta Sen

Though natural appearance is the best way to represent a person anywhere, but there are many people who believe in wearing heavy makeup before visiting a place where many people gather for some common purpose.

Wearing a makeup obviously means that people are walking on a thin line between making a strong impression of their beauty and looking overdone.

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Obviously, the first one is appreciable and the latter one utmost unwanted. There is, precisely, no need to present oneself as a clown.

It would not be an exaggeration to mention that the trend of wearing a makeup is more dominating among the women. Obviously, there are some women who are extremely conscious about getting the right kind of makeup, and undoubtedly, they look absolutely wonderful.

make up mistakes to avoid

We can certainly relate ugliness to some makeup mistakes that women commit either due to ignorance or wanting to look unnecessarily bold.

As far as ignorance is concerned, it can be creating an awareness about makeup mistakes to avoid. Obviously, this has something to do with a person’s taste of excellence.

As far as knowing about the common makeup mistakes to avoid, there are loads of ways by which a person can know the various mistakes of getting makeup on and to avoid it accordingly.

The services of the makeup artists can be another very useful way to know the makeup mistakes to avoid.

However, following are some of the very common makeup mistakes to avoid:

make up mistakes to avoid

Makeup Mistake #1. Too Much Foundation:
Excess application of foundation can give a chalky look to the user. Instead of overusing it, get a thin layer of foundation, and then apply it gently all over the face. To get the complete effect, take a sponge and stroke downwards on the face. It can lessen the effect of excess use of foundation.

make up mistakes to avoid

Makeup Mistake #2. Too Much Blush:

This can be one of the biggest makeup mistakes to avoid. This can bring you a clownish look altogether. Instead of using your finger or palm for spreading the blush, use a brush. Use of this brush can bring the perfect look to your face. Try not to leave an excess of blush at one place, and spread it evenly on the face.

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Makeup Mistake #3. Imperfect Use of Lipstick:
Imperfection can be considered both as wrong selection of the colour or shade and improper application of it on the lips. Your selection of the lipstick must go with the dress you wear. Plan ahead, and get the best combination of the lipstick and the dress you wear for a certain occasion. Never use a deep-coloured lipstick, as it does not help in getting that perfect look.

make up mistakes to avoid

Makeup Mistake #4. Eyeliner Not on the Mark:
The natural eye shadows are the best and you must try to leave them without makeup on. However, women often love to have a thin eye shadow with a deeper look. They often apply an eyeliner to get the complete effect. In the process, they make an overuse of the colour, and that creates a wrong impression. This is one of the common makeup mistakes to avoid by the women folk.

Makeup Mistake #5. Heavy Makeup on the Eyebrows:
Usually, women use eyebrow pencils to darken their eyebrows. Instead of applying the colour gently, they try to get a deeper look, and that is a big makeup mistake to avoid. This creates an unnatural look to your eyebrow and everyone can notice this clearly.

You must remember that most of these makeup mistakes are very common and women often make these mistakes.

Instead of creating a strong impression on the onlookers, they create a lighter image, and make you a laughing stock for everyone who notices these mistakes.

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