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Makeup Tips For Times When You Have A Cold

By Riddhi

Having a cold means you have a runny or stuffy nose, itchy, watering eyes and a red face, in general. But we can't let a cold stop us from going out, can we? After all, a minor thing like a cold can happen anytime and we can't put our entire lives on hold because of it.

Having to put on makeup during a cold can be really painful, and it is not advisable either to go for a full face of makeup. But, being sick makes us look pale. So, to hide the fact that we are in fact sick, we must use a tiny bit of makeup. But what should be used and what should be steered clear of? There are certain products that could make you look and feel even worse.

Here, we'll be telling you how to do your makeup when you're sick and in need of the right kind of pick me up to look a lot better than you feel! With these tips, no one would even know that you are actually sick.

  • BB Cream over Foundation - Instead of using a foundation, go for a BB cream, as these are multi-tasking products with the benefits of a moisturiser, coverage and SPF all in one. So for days when you're too tired to even move, a BB cream is a great option.
  • No powder - Be sure to use NO powder on the face when you're sick. Blowing your nose can sometimes make the skin flake around that area and a powder would just end up making it drier. So stick to just liquid.
  • Colour correct - You could use a green colour corrector to get rid of all the redness from all that face rubbing. Just pat on some colour corrector on the areas that are red, and then cover up with a concealer closest to your skin tone.
  • No kajal - On days when you'll be rubbing your eyes a lot, it is advisable to not use kajal. Excessive rubbing can make the kajal spread and make it look like you have dark circles. If you really must, then use a white eye pencil. This would make the eyes look wide open and healthier.
  • Mascara - Sticking to just mascara for the eyes is the best idea. Be sure to use a waterproof one though. Some waterproof mascaras are so good that they can take hours of crying and still not disappear from the eyes.
  • Lip balm - Just like having a cold is drying to the skin, it's the same for the lips. And we don't want to be using matte lipsticks on lips that are already too chapped. So use a tinted lip balm. This gives a nice, healthy pink sheen to the lips.
Story first published: Tuesday, August 16, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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