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Long Lasting Monsoon Makeup Hacks

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Having your makeup last long during monsoons can be quite challenging that too with all the humidity, rain and every other thing associated with it. So, what should we do? Go sans makeup? No, way! With simple hacks you could have long-lasting makeup during monsoons.

We are all for promoting the all-natural makeup look. But for those of us who love experimenting with makeup, knowing how to do long-lasting monsoon makeup can be a really a handy trick to learn.

Long-lasting makeup is not rocket science. It just needs the right products and the use of right tools. So, there's no need to fear your makeup melting away in humidity. Melting makeup can be an extremely embarrassing and disgusting situation to be in.

long lasting makeup for monsoons

We know that a lot of you all have been scared to put on makeup, looking at how humid the weather outside is. But, we can't just keep shying away from makeup according to the weather, can we?

So, here are ways by which you can make your makeup go monsoon and humidity proof during the monsoons. Here's to having long-lasting makeup, whether it's monsoon, winter or summer.

  • Primer: A primer is a must when you want your makeup to last long. Even if you're skipping foundation and going for a BB cream, a primer underneath the BB cream provides additional longevity to the makeup. In fact, even if you skip coverage all together, a primer would help make the skin look matte and pore free.
long lasting makeup for monsoons
  • BB Cream: Instead of using a heavy foundation that would look like you've caked on a lot of products by the end of the day, go for light weight, sheer coverage, one that can be attained by using a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. A bonus point with these creams is that they usually have high amounts of SPF, almost as good as sunscreen lotions. SPF is something that can never be ignored, especially during monsoons, when the UV rays are stronger due to the ozone layer being more exposed.
  • Eyeliner: Make sure you use the strongest waterproof formulas when using eyeliners. Pencil liners tend to smudge quite easily when exposed to oil or humidity. So avoid these at all costs. Go for a liquid liner that is a waterproof one. Keep the eyeliner minimal, like a thin stroke on your upper lash line. This makes it look like you have naturally thick lashes, and like you aren't even wearing an eyeliner.
  • Mascara: The same rule applies for mascaras as well. Make sure you use a waterproof formula. Mascaras give a wide-eyed fresh look to the face. This is how you can make your makeup last long for monsoons.
  • Cream-based Blush: Powder blushes can get washed out easily, so avoid those. Instead, go for a cream blusher or a lip and cheek stain. These would ensure you have a nice, natural-looking flush on your face. Isn't this the perfect hack to have long-lasting makeup for monsoon?
  • Matte Lipsticks: You must avoid lip glosses or satin and cream-finish lipsticks because these tend to run and bleed all over the face. We like to stick to matte lipsticks for parties and lip stains for everyday use. These are both extremely long lasting.
long lasting makeup for monsoons
  • Powder: Make sure you set all of the makeup with powder. And don't worry, this won't make you look too flat. It would leave you with a nice dewy glow by the end of the day and that's exactly how you can attain a long-lasting makeup look for monsoons.
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Story first published: Saturday, August 20, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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