Interesting Facts About Eyeliner

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We use various beauty products to enhance our look. But it would be interesting to know their history of evolution as well, right? And if it is interesting, then why not.

In this article, we are here to share some of the interesting facts about your basic eyeliner.

Eyeliner is one of the basic beauty-enhancing products that we use in our daily lives. This makes our eyes have a dramatic look as well as more defining. So, learning about the invention of an eyeliner is a sure must!

There are various articles on how to apply an eyeliner, or how to get a perfect cat-eyeliner or may be even different ways of using this magical product. However, we're not here to share those tips.

We sure have these fun facts about an eyeliner that will make you look at it in a different way.
So, read on to know more about the interesting facts of an eyeliner.

This article focusses only on the facts about an eyeliner and its invention. Keep reading and be amazed.


Invented Around In 10,000 BC!

It was invented around in 10,000 BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian civilizations. It is believed to be the first beauty product to be invented by mankind.


Was A Unisex Product

Eyeliner was not restricted only to women using it. Back then, men also applied it to enhance their looks.


Used For Aesthetic Purposes

It was not only used as a beauty product, but was also used as a thing to ward off evil spirits and also protect the eyes from "Sun God".


Not In Fashion Until 1920

Eyeliner was not popular until 1920, from the time it was invented. Since the time it has become famous, it has been trending in fashion till date.


Toxin Rich

Earlier, eyeliners were said to be made by combining lead, copper and antimony. These toxins are pretty toxic, so it was not advisable to have an eyeliner for long.


Types Of Eyeliners

There are 5 types of eyeliners presently. They are powder-based pencils, wax-based pencils, gel, sheer and Kohl. They have their own uniqueness and make the eyes appear more beautiful with every stroke.


Liquid Eyeliner

This was invented in the 1960's when cat-eyeliner became popular instantly, as it was quite easy to apply this. These are few of the fun and interesting facts about an eyeliner. If you have any suggestions, then do share them with us.

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