How To Remove Yellow Stains From Teeth

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Having sparkling teeth increases your confidence than flashing yellow dirty teeth. We're sure you'd certainly agree to that statement!

It makes the opposite person to maintain distance from you when they see a yellow flash! Now imagine if that person happens to be your crush. Uggh, ugly situation!

So, here we are to share some of the home remedies to remove tartar (hardened plaque) from the teeth. This is something that needs your attention if you already are embarrassed with the yellow dirty teeth.

Tartar is nothing but a plaque formation on your teeth, which becomes hard and turns into a solidified plaque. So, one should get rid of this plaque as early as possible.

Brushing your teeth twice in a day, maintaining a good oral health and flossing regularly reduce the chances of a plaque formation to quite an extent.

If you have ignored these steps at any point, there are chances of tartar ruining your beautiful smile.

Hence, check out for the different tricks that you can try to get rid of the plaque from your teeth. These tricks are simple and easy to follow, so read on to find out more.


Use Fluoridated Toothpaste

The fluoride concentration level is more in a fluoridated toothpaste, which helps in removing the yellow stains from teeth. Fluoride makes your teeth stronger and prevents dental cavities. Make sure you choose the right toothpaste.


Baking Soda

Take a teaspoon of baking soda and add a pinch of salt to it. Use this mix instead of your regular toothpaste. This can help in getting rid of the tartar instantly and the result can be seen within a week's use.


Orange Peel Magic!

This trick is going to leave a weird taste in your mouth; however, it is quite effective in getting rid of the tartar stain. Rub the orange peel directly on to the teeth and massage it with your finger for a while and then gargle. This helps to get rid of tartar easily over a period of frequent use.


Munch On Raw Fruits And Veggies

All you need to do is to munch on some raw fruits and veggies that are rich in fibre and are crunchy in nature. This way, it scrapes out the plaque which is forming on the teeth.


Sesame Seeds

This is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the plaque on teeth. All you need to do is to munch on a teaspoon of sesame seeds into a coarse paste. Make sure you do not swallow it. With the seeds still in your mouth, use a brush to brush your teeth and the result is shiny white teeth!


Eat Spicy Food

This sounds crazy! But, it does fetch you good results. Eat more spicy foods, as it helps to increase the secretion of saliva by stimulating the salivary glands. This helps to keep your teeth and mouth clean.


Choose A Tartar-control Paste

This special toothpaste has pyrophosphates, zinc citrate and fluoride present in it. These ingredients help to control the formation of plaque and tartar, thereby removing the hardened tartar giving you stronger whiter teeth.

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