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How To Fill In Your Eyebrows Correctly

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Having naturally thin eyebrows used to be seen as a blessing at one point of time. But now, fuller eyebrows are seen as the "in trend". So, we'll be telling you how to shape and fill in your brows perfectly.

Even if you have really thin eyebrows, it is important to get rid of the spare hair, to look groomed. After that, of course you can fill them in.

Even with full brows, it is really important to groom them well. It is best to use a tweezer to get rid of the sparse hair, instead of going for a full session at a saloon, in order to look natural. If you remove too much hair from the brows it can look overdone and fake.

Fuller brows can add a different level of depth to the face. Once you start filling in your brows and see the difference it makes to your face, you wouldn't want to ever stop filling them in. It can make your face look completely different.

So, try filling in your brows, as the days of over-tweezed, thin eyebrows are gone. Here's what you've got to read further to know how to fill in your brows.

1. Tweeze: Tweeze out the extras and make sure you do this within your natural eyebrow shape. Overtweezing was the "in thing" in the 90s, but it's not anymore!

how to fill your brows

2. Comb: Get an eyebrow comb and brush them up completely, so that every single hair is where it should be. This is one of the most important steps on how to fill your brows.

how to fill your brows

3. Trim: Once this is done, trim out all the unruly bits. Be sure not to trim too much and just do the edges, else it can look a little fake.

how to fill your brows

4. Comb: Comb them out yet again to make sure that the shape is completely right and that you're ready to fill them in.

how to fill your brows

5. Draw: Now grab an eyebrow pencil and draw your entire eyebrow neatly. This obviously requires a little bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, it is really easy.

how to fill your brows

6. Fill: Fill in any gaps or bald patches with an eyeshadow, or a brow wax. Eyeshadow works really well for this. Just make sure you get a good one that is pigmented and does not budge the entire day.

how to fill your brows

7. Set: Set the brows using a clear mascara or an eyebrow gel. This is the last step that you should make sure to follow while filling your brows correctly.

how to fill your brows
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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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