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5 Tricks For A Perfect Office Makeup

Written By: Staff
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Modern women are no less than superwomen. We work long hours, we juggle with our household chores and family responsibilities.

Often, in this mad rush to complete these chores and reach on time to office, we end up in sacrificing on our mirror time. However, it is as important to look on-fleek and flawless in office as it is to be good in your office work.

Office Makeup

We have tricks and tips in our arsenal that can make you look on-point and refreshed pronto. So, whether you have had only two hours of shut-eye the previous night, or only a 5-minute window period to get ready, we have easy tips and tricks to help you look your best at work.

#1: Face Game
First things first. There is a time and place to experiment and the workplace is not a place for that. The key to looking flawless in office lies in going au-naturel. A good foundation can make you look natural without making you look too made up. Go au-naturel with Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse foundation, and we are sure no one will know that you are wearing makeup. Try it to believe it!

Girl Makeup

#2: Eyes Cannot Do All the Talking
Gone are the days when perfectly kohled and highlighted eyes were considered good for the office. You may want to try a glittering eye shadow shade or a thick black eyeliner that can make your eyes pop, but remember, less is more when it comes to office make-up. For the perfect workwear look, begin by applying an eyeshadow shade in muted colours. Apply a little eyeliner that will enhance your eyes without making them shout for an attention.

Eye Makeup For Office

#3: Lip It Wisely
A thumb rule to keep in mind for office makeup is less is more. Lip colours for office need to be subtle, but it doesn't mean that you have to be boring. You can go for nude hues or create your signature look in red or fuchsia. Opt for a hydrating lipstick that can last longer with minimal touch-up.

Girl Applying Lipstick

#4: Spray It Correctly
When it comes to selecting a fragrance for office use, our suggestion would be to always go with a mild scent. A good office perfume should be a combination of light, classy and elegant. Carve a niche identity for yourself in scents with ingredients like vanilla and rosemary.

Girl Putting Perfume

#5: Rosy Cheeks
A little blush is enough to complete your office look. We would suggest you banish your bronzer from your office makeup regimen. So, opt for hues like nude or baby pink when getting ready for work. You could highlight your cheekbones too with a little highlighter.

Blush Makeup

Once you've got the right makeup wears in your kit, the most important thing to flaunt next is your self-confidence that can automatically be achieved with the right makeup on.

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