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Eye Makeup Tips While Wearing A Saree

By Debdatta Mazumder

If you’re an Indian woman, your beauty will be more enhanced if you wear a saree.

This is the national dress of this country, and inspite of different wearing styles according to different states, the saree can make you look more elegant, sober and, obviously, sexy at the same time.

And if you wear the right makeup with it, you can win a million hearts.

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Proper eye makeup is very important while you wear a saree. There are several ways to enhance your eyes when wearing a saree. So, how to make your eyes look elegant when you wear a saree?

Before knowing the tips, you should take care of your eyes. Eyes with dark circles around won’t look good and might spoil the essence of the ensemble. That only makes you look more tired and dull.

To get vibrant eyes, you should know appropriate ways to enhance your eyes when wearing a saree.

Usually, Indian women have large and bright eyes. Your whole makeup should be in a way so that your beautiful eyes can be more talkative.

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Throughout the year, you may wear western outfits or other Indian apparels. But, when it comes to any family function or festivals, how can you avoid a saree?

And you’ll look more gorgeous if you do a proper eye makeup while you wear a saree. So, read on to know more tips on how to enhance your eyes and look gorgeous when wearing a saree.


1. Remove Dark Circles:

You have a family festival within a week and you've planned to wear a saree. Take effective steps to remove dark circles around your eyes at once. Try homemade remedies like grated potato and cucumber and get an instant result.


2. Pick The Right Colour:

When you do an eye makeup while you wear a saree, it is very important to choose the right colours for your eyes, so that your eyes won't look droopy. For a dusky complexion, you can pick cobalt blue, rust, glittery green, etc. If you have a fair skin, try sea green, ocean blue, brown, baze, etc.


3. Use Kohl:

This is one of the best ways to enhance your eyes when wearing a saree. May be you're attending a seminar where you need to keep your makeup low. Outline your eyes with kohl and you'll look gorgeous.


4. Smoky Eyes Go Perfect:

Yes, this is the perfect eye makeup while wearing a saree. Whether you're going to attend a cultural function at a college, or it is your wedding day, smoky eyes look fabulous on every occasion. You can try it at home or consult any beautician for perfection.


5. Match Your Eye Makeup With Your Saree:

It is a very important thing to do. For example, you're wearing a saree with red and green combination. You can use the green colour for your eye makeup. Use it to highlight your eyes or try a green eyeliner. But, always remember to pick the less used colour in your saree for an eye makeup.


6. Do Something With The Eyebrows:

Eye makeup not only means to make your eyes look beautiful. You need to concentrate on your eyebrows too. Those should be nicely plucked. Take a black kohl pencil and give your brows a deeper look. Never use liquid black colour, as it will scatter.


7. Use A Mascara:

While wearing a saree, you definitely want your eyes to look bigger and brighter. Mascara can help here. Apply double coat on your eyelashes to have darker eyes. Once mascara is completely dried up, take an eyelash curler and shape your eyelashes properly.


8. Use Waterproof And Powder-based Products:

The ways to enhance your eyes when wearing a saree not only define the makeup tips, but also tell about the correct makeup products. Use waterproof and powder-based makeup products that don't scatter with sweating.


9. Do Rest Of The Makeup Accordingly:

You are aiming to highlight your eyes. Then don't overdo anything. Keep your face as natural as possible. Pink blush or nude blush will enlighten your eyes more. Don't use dark colours on your lips.


10. Do The Perfect Hairstyle:

To culminate the ways to enhance your eyes when wearing a saree, this is the best tip you can get. Make a bun or braid, but keep your hair gathered at the back. If your hair stays scattered on your forehead, your face will look messy and the eyes won't be seen properly.

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