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Clinique Clarifying Lotion Product Review

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Hello, everyone. Today we will be doing a product review of the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, which is the second product in its three-part skin care range.


It is described as a dermatologist-developed product to help reveal fresher skin. It is said to sweep away dull skin flakes and make the skin smoother to let a moisturiser do its job better.

Clinique Clarifying Product Review


It comes in a translucent bottle with a green cap, so you can easily see the purple liquid inside. The packaging is pretty basic and easy to use, although it would be better if the bottle had a stopper or a spray dispenser, as the open lid can make a little amount of liquid fall out, at times.

Product Review

Product Review:
The bottle shows that it's a lotion; however, it is actually a toner to be used after washing your face. Take a small amount in a cotton ball and use the lotion after washing your face. It helps get rid of even the smallest amount of dirt on your face. And, over time, it actually shrinks the size of your pores.

It's supposed to be fragrance free, but it does have a really strong alcohol-like smell, which some people may not like and prefer.


Price: Rs 1850 for 200 ml

• Shrinks pores
• Helps get rid of all the dirt
• Improves skin texture

• Alcohol-like smell that some people may not like
• Packaging
• May dry out the skin

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