12 Eye Makeup Looks To Steal From The Stars This Navratri!

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It is that time of the year again, when all you want to do is to look your best. So, let us help you out by showing you some amazing eye makeup looks that you could steal from our very own Bollywood stars for Navratri!

Bollywood is the setter of all trends. Any of the new trends that come up, Bollywood stars are the first to show us how it's done.

Most people love to follow these trends in terms of outfits and makeup as well. Most of the Bollywood stars have really pretty makeup. It's often difficult to understand exactly how to get these makeup looks, especially for eye makeup.

Eye makeup can be really complicated, so most of us keep sticking with basic eye makeup rules like eyeliners and kajals.

Even though there are so many different options to explore in the area of eye makeup, we don't seem to try them out. How you dress your eyes can change and define your entire look, which is why you should these best eye makeup looks to steal from.

So, here are our favourite eye makeup looks for Navratri, so that you can look your best, taking inspiration from the best!


1. Deepika Padukone:

This is a gorgeous look for night-time. The predominant shade in the eyes here is gold. Gold goes well with most Indian outfits. She has done a thick winged eyeliner to go with it. The lips remain neutral to let the eyes be the focus. Wow!! That's a perfect eye makeup look.


2. Sonam Kapoor:

This look can be worn during the day and during the night as well. The eyeshadow is basic brown, but she has lined her upper waterline with a bright gold eyeshadow. This look would go well with white or off-white clothes and would best fit Indian clothes.


3. Alia Bhatt:

This is a really simple makeup look for the day time. You just have to line your lower waterline with kajal and then coat your lashes with a mascara. There, that's a look to steal from your favourite B'wood starlet!


4. Rani Mukherji:

This is the most basic eye makeup look that you can try. Just line your upper lashline with liquid eyeliner and don't make a wing or a cat eye.


5. Kajol:

Kajol has gone for a subtle smoky eye with nude lips in this look. This smoky eye can be done by smudging your kajal pencil. And, that's it, see how easy it is to get that look.


6. Priyanka Chopra:

Our very own Desi girl has a smoky eye that's a little more elaborate. You'd need a gel eyeliner for this, as it is more pigmented. Along with that, you can add shimmer on the arch of your brow bone to highlight it.


7. Esha Gupta:

Esha is seen with a really thick line of liquid eyeliner on her upper lashline, accompanied by a very slight wing. Underneath this, she has very neutral, barely visible eyeshadow.


8. Kareena Kapoor:

Heavy smoky eyes accompanied with a wing at the top. This is a very easy eye makeup look that's perfect for a day-time wear. If you are wondering how to do an eye makeup look for Indian clothes, this is the look you should go for.


9. Kriti Sanon:

Here, Kriti has a very subtle eye makeup look, which makes it look like she is naturally blessed with thick lashes. She's lined her upper waterline with an eyeliner and then coated a mascara thickly on her lashes.


10. Madhuri Dixit:

No one has done makeup for Indian clothes quite like Madhuri has, which we're sure you all agree with. She gives a very simple and elegant vibe. She's got very simple eyeshadow and eyeliner on for this look.


11. Aishwarya Rai:

This look is extremely bright and glamorous and it's a quick steal for you to try this eye makeup look. She has used a champagne-coloured eyeshadow all over the lid and has even gone all out with a crimson lipstick.


12. Jaqueline Fernandez:

This is a really pretty rose eyeshadow look that you could try this Navratri. This can go really well with almost all outfits, be it Indian or western.

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