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    What Happens When You Use Expired Make-up Products


    We have all heard that using make-up products that have passed the expiry date can cause many skin problems. Most of us still tend to use one or two products that have passed the expiry dates. But is it actually okay to use them? Well, some products might not be okay and some might be. It all depends on the composition and the ingredients used in those.

    Now the question comes as too how to identify that the products have expired. This can be either found out by just checking the expiry date or by other means like the consistency of the product. So now let us see how each cosmetic product can react on your skin when used after the expiry date. Read on!

    Make-up Products


    Mascara is something that gives a dramatic touch to the eyes by enhancing the eyelashes. It is recommended that you discard your mascara every 3 months since it is something that comes in contact with your eyes. There could be germs in them due to constant opening and closure of the tubes. [1]  This will eventually cause eye irritation and infections. Also, the mascara automatically becomes dry and clumsy.


    Now, this is a product that we all use and is one of our favourites. On the days when you want your make-up to be minimal, just a stroke of lipstick is enough to complete the look. The hard waxy layer of the lipstick stays maximum for a year. Also after it has crossed its expiry date, this waxy layer tends to trap the bacteria and can cause irritation or damage to your lips. Also, it is recommended not to share your lipstick as bacteria might just spread.

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    It is not a good idea to use your foundation beyond your expiry date as it breaks down faster. Once the expiry date has passed, the preservatives in them also stop being effective and cause germ growth. So if you don't want to suffer from any skin infection stop using liquid foundation after its expiry date. Also, if you want to make your foundation last longer, it is best to use foundations that can squirt out without you touching it.


    Though the expiry dates of the eyeliners are longer than any other products, it runs the risk of germ contamination if you use it after the expiry date. So it is best to say goodbye to old eyeliners whether it is of any form.


    If you are a blush person this might be a good news for you. Many make-up artists have mentioned that blush is something that doesn't have many side effects even when it is used after the expiry date. But if your product has contents like water, humectants or oil, it is better to discard it, since bacteria and germs may thrive in it.


    Eyeshadows, most commonly, come in a powder form. Experts say that if the eyeshadow expires it just turns out to be hard and you will not have a smooth application. So now you know exactly when you should get rid of them.

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