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Ways To Add Red To Your Christmas Make Up

By: Pooja Kaushal
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The spirit of Christmas is here. There is joy and celebration in the air. Bells are jingling and reindeers gearing up for their errands. Santa too is in a happy mood all ready to fulfill the wishes of little children.

The image of Santa instantly brings to our mind a large stout figure; a fluffy white beard with a smile peeping through; red clothes, red boots, red gloves and a large red bag. This is the colour of Christmas.

So, what are your plans on getting ready for this joyous occasion? How do you intend to celebrate Christmas? Here we have listed 8 ways in which you can add red to your Christmas makeup and gear up for the all-red Christmas Day.

There are different beliefs as to the association of the colours red and green with Christmas. No matter what line of thought you believe in, preparing yourself for the festival is fun.

Add a dash of red to everything and the mood can be perked up all of a sudden. The red makeup for Christmas can help you gel in with the festival and feel as an integral part of it



This is obviously the most noticeable and eye-catching part of your makeup. If you say a dress does not qualify for makeup, think again!

What would all your cosmetics and accessories do without a proper outfit? So, go ahead and get a lovely red dress. Accordingly, the rest of the ensemble will be defined.


2. Shoes:

Unmatched shoes, worn-out shoes or shoes in an improper shape can ruin a perfect dress and a well-done makeup. Never underestimate your shoes.

They speak a lot about your personality. So, when you dress up for Christmas, get the right pair of shoes. Red shoes are always striking and with a red dress, you can not help admiring yourself.


3. Lip Colour:

Soft, luscious and well-defined red lips is what makes your look Christmassy. What could be more striking to go with your red dress, right? But, make sure you colour your lips in the right fashion.

Apply a lip liner to give a definition to the lips and then with the help of a brush fill in the lip colour. The colour should be evenly spread and be just the right amount.


4. Nail Colour:

Well-kept hands with soft fingers and properly shaped nails are just the right thing for a red nail colour. Red is the colour of Christmas and it is one of the 8 ways to add red to your Christmas makeup.

However, red nail colour does not compliment everybody or not all are comfortable wearing it. Check for yourself, if the colour suits and if you are comfortable in it.


5. Hair:

Hair is another segment to help you add red makeup for Christmas. No, you need not colour all your hair red; it is not Halloween. You can go in for red streaks or highlights. One or two streaks are just enough to get into the mood of Christmas. Besides, those fine streaks will look outstanding on your glossy hair.


6. Head Gear:

If you are planning on wearing a head gear, why not make that Christmassy too? If you are comfortable with a complete red gear, well and good. You might look like Red Riding Hood but who cares, its Christmas. Or you could add a bit of red ribbon to your hair or a red hat.


7. Bag:

Bags, purses or clutches, these are essential accessories for every lady. And when it is Christmas, they too can be coloured in the hues of the festival. Everything you carry on yourself is a part of your makeup, so do not ignore this section. Make this to blend in with the rest.


8. Gloves:

Christmas and winter go hand in hand; unless you live in the southern hemisphere. December is a cold month; and to stay warm, the hands too need to be warm. What colour do you think would be ideal for this season? You are right, red again.

This might look like a lot of red, but then that is what Christmas is all about. It comes once a year and should be celebrated in the most joyous and spirited manner possible. If red is the colour of the festival, so be it.

We have given you 8 ways to add red to your Christmas makeup. If you have more ideas go ahead and implement them all. It is a time to celebrate, so let the bells jingle and the stars shine bright.

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