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How To Keep Your Make-Up Sweat-Proof And Long-Lasting!


If you are an ardent make-up lover, the hot and humid summer can give you nightmares. The scorching heat melts off your make-up and all your hard work goes waste. Sweating is inevitable, especially during summers and it becomes very difficult to ensure that your make-up lasts the entire day.

However, there are certain tips and precautions that can help you tackle this issue and ensure that your make-up stays put in this humid weather. However, before everything else, it is important to know your skin and your skin type and subsequently what suits your skin. Many a time, a wrong product can be the issue.

With that being said, here are the things that you need to keep in mind to prevent make-up from melting.

1. Apply It On A Cold Face

To prevent the melting of your make-up and make it last longer, it is always a good idea to apply the make-up on a cold face. Before you apply the make-up, rub an ice cube all over your face for a couple of seconds. Pat your face dry and then start with the application process. This helps because rubbing ice on your face will help close your skin pores and ensure a smooth application as well as the longevity of the make-up.

2. Water Proof Make-Up

What type of make-up you use is also a major factor in ensuring that the make-up stays for long. We would suggest that you buy water-proof make-up as it has fewer chances of melting and thus stays for long. Water-proof make-up, no doubt, is a bit on the pricier side but it is definitely worth it. Especially in summers when the scorching heat wants to melt everything off, water-proof make-up can be your saviour.

3. Avoid Oil-Based Products

Use water-based make-up products instead of oil-based products to ensure that your make-up lasts long. An oil-based make-up product will enhance the sweating and thus melt off your make-up.

4. Cream Or Powder

To decide this, you need to know your skin better. If you have oily skin, powder products are best suited for you. If you have dry skin, cream products will work best for you. You also might want to consider the fact that the cream products give you a more natural finish than powder products. You can always carry a translucent face powder with you and touch up whenever necessary. But don't overdo it as your make-up might look cakey.

5. But First, Primer

To ensure a sweat proof make-up, a very important step is to apply a good primer before you start with your base. A primer not only makes the make-up glide on smoothly, but it also ensures that the make-up stays on for long. There are various kinds of primers available in the market. Use an oil-control primer if you have oily skin to prevent the melting off of your make-up. A silicon based primer will blur out the pores and give you a smooth canvas to work with and make the make-up last long.

6. Give It Time To Settle

After you have applied the primer, give it a few minutes to settle in and do its job. It is necessary that you give the products some time to settle and sink into the skin. This is especially necessary for your base.

7. Set It With Powder

You concealer generally tend to crease if left like that. This makes your base patchy and uneven, and destroys the whole look. To prevent this from happening, use a translucent setting powder to set your concealer in place. Take a little setting powder on your brush or sponge, whichever you prefer and gently dab it over your concealer. You need to set the concealer immediately after you apply it or it won't have the desired effect.

8. Use Lip Liner

Always use a lip liner before you apply the lipstick. This will not only give your lips a defined look, but will also make the lipstick stay on for long.

To seal the deal further, take a little transparent setting powder on your fingertips and dab it gently over your lipstick. This will set your lipstick in place and make it last long.

9. Primer For Your Eyeshadow

Eye make-up is the most intricate part of your make-up and you don't want it to completely fade by the end of the day. To prevent that, you must use an eye primer before applying the eyeshadow. There are various eyeshadow primers available out there or you can use your regular concealer as your eyeshadow base. For this, just take some concealer on your beauty sponge or make-up brush and apply it all over your eyelid and start applying your eyeshadow.

10. Opt For A Liquid Or Gel Eyeliner

A pencil liner, though easy to apply, has a high chance of rubbing off. Use a liquid or a gel eyeliner. These stay on for long and don't rub off that easily.

11. Less Is More

While doing your casual everyday make-up, always go by the mantra of "less is more". This mantra is especially useful when you want to keep your make-up sweat-proof and long-lasting. Layering make-up on usually is a bad idea, especially in the hot and sweaty summers. This will only make the make-up more prone to melting and sweating. Keep your base as light as possible. If you are doing a casual everyday make-up, use a BB cream instead of a foundation. This will give your skin a breathing opportunity and will give you a natural look.

12. A Setting Spray In The End

Last but definitely not the least, use a setting spray to set your make-up in place.

After you are done with your make-up, spritz your face with a make-up setting spray and let it dry. Also, to set it further, you can spritz your face just after your base is done to set your base in place and prevent it from melting off, and then carry on with the rest of your make-up.

13. Blotting Paper To Your Rescue

Blotting paper comes in handy to make sure that your make-up looks fresh and natural. Blotting paper can absorb the oil and sweat off your face and is especially useful during summers when the sweating is inevitable. After you have applied your base, dab blotting paper over it to remove the excess. Also, keep blotting paper with you whenever you are out and about. As soon as you see that shine on your face or you start sweating, just blot it off.

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