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Simple Makeup Tips To Hide Moles

Some people consider moles as a beauty mark while some others find it annoying depending on its colour, size and pattern. Moles can be seen alone or in a group. They can be of brown or black colour. At least 10 to 15 moles can be found on a normal human.

Moles appear in the early childhood and it will vary in colour and size as the years pass. Moles can be of different types and most of them are just a dark spot while some others can be dangerous and can develop into cancer. All beauty conscious women are concerned about their face moles and some are even ready to go for cosmetic surgeries to remove it.

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Are you wondering about some simple makeup tips to hide moles? Usually moles appear on any part of your body. People with moles on face find themselves unattractive and try many things to hide it. Don’t worry; there are some simple makeup tips to hide moles.

With some beauty techniques, you can hide your black or brown coloured mole. Here let’s discuss about some of the makeup tips to hide moles.

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Cleaning And Toning:

Face cleansing is very important before trying makeup tips to hide moles. Wash your face with luke warm water and take some quantity of toner in cotton. Apply the toner on the face and neck. Toning will help your makeup last longer as it keeps your skin dry. This is one of the makeup tips to hide moles.



If you are really worried about moles and want to hide it, use a foundation that is oil free and select a lighter color than your natural skin color. It will be effective to hide the mole. Apply the foundation evenly on your skin and make sure that the mole is masked.



This is one of the simple makeup tips to hide moles. By using a concealer, you can hide almost all dark spots, moles or scars on your face. But, remember that the color of the foundation and concealer must match. The correct combination of foundation and concealer will be an effective makeup tip to hide moles.


Concealer- Foundation Blending:

It is very important that the foundation and concealer must be blended well. You can use two layer of concealers but it is good to apply some powder before applying the second layer of concealer.


Concealer Colours:

Concealers were available in only two colors before. But now you can find green, lavender and even yellow colored concealer that helps to hide your moles effectively. So, use any suitable colours to hide moles with makeup.


Cream Concealers:

One of the simple makeup tips to hide moles is to use a cream concealer. With a drop of cream concealer, you can do magic on your face. It will act effectively to mask the moles, no matter how dark it is.


Compact Powder:

Applying powder is very essential for those who want to hide the moles. This is because powder prevents the spreading of the makeup. By using this type of simple makeup tips, your makeup will last for a long period.

Above are some of the simple and effective makeup tricks or tips. Try it and hide your moles.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 16:19 [IST]
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