Problems Women Face While Wearing Lipstick

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Lipsticks..... just an honour to own them, don't you think? Lipsticks are available in over a zillion shades and women almost go gaga over them. For some women, their entire life is based on this coloured stick. It is an important accessory and most loved too.

If you are that type of gal who loves to own more lipsticks that you can count, this is one article you will relate too. Let us begin by telling you the importance of lipstick - It adds colour to your skin. It makes you look bright and beautiful.


It complements your skin tone. It makes you look dressed. It gathers a lot of attention, which every woman wants and basks in. Though, many think it is ways to apply and wear on lipstick, we introduce to you a handful of problems every woman faces when she wears a shade. Take a look at some of the problems women face while wearing lipstick and steps on how you can handle it too:


The Shades Of Lipstick Tires You Down

Since there are a million shades of lipstick, women are often confused as to which shade to wear. This often leads to women choosing the wrong shade of lipstick, which results to them looking ugly.


Touch Up's Can Make You Crazy

Women who wear lipstick firmly believe in the idea of touch ups. Regular lipstick touch up will lead to staining of the lips, so be careful and go easy.


The Day You Miss Wearing Lipstick

What kind of comments do you get when you miss a day of application? Don't you get a lot of negative comments! Well, this is one of the problems which women face while wearing lipstick.


Talk About Teeth Getting Stained!

The other problem which women face is lipstick teeth! Regular usage of lipstick can stain the teeth too. On the other hand, if your teeth aren't yellow, the colour of lipstick on your lips will make you look nasty.


Food Gets Lined With Lipstick Too

The next time you eat with lipstick on, notice the stain on the food your consuming. This not only is bad for health as you are consuming chemicals as well as it removes the hue from your lips. The best way to avoid this problem is to open your mouth wide when taking the spoon to your mouth.


The Perfect Matte Hue

Test the right shade of lipstick over your wrist, if your choosing a matte finish. Choose a matte shade which will make you look bright and beautiful instead of dull.


The Red Lips Story

Every woman must own a tube of red lipstick. It is a must, as you can look entirely different with this hue.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 17, 2015, 10:03 [IST]
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