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Lipstick Rules Every Woman Should Know

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In this article today, we are here to share about the basic lipstick rules every woman should know. Applying lipstick in the right form is an art in itself. And getting it right is what matters.

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The right shade and getting the pout right is a task by itself. So let's discuss about the different lipstick rules that we all need to know before we make ourselves look disastrous. Read on to know more.

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Ex-foliate First

Nothing looks worse than wearing a lipstick on chapped lips. You need to make sure your lips are soft and supple. Ex-foliate them using a lip balm as it helps to keep your lips moisturised.


Insync Your Makeup

If you are opting for a loud makeup then make sure that you opt for nude lipstick. Keep it vise versa, if you are wearing bright lipstick then go in for minimal makeup.


Avoid Extra Shimmer

Avoid lipsticks that have lot of sparkle and shimmer. It should not be too reflective. You can opt for lipsticks that have a creamy finish.


Choose Right Colour

Choosing the right colour of lipstick is important. This is purely based on what shade suits you best. If you are fair skinned then choose bright red or shades of pinks and reds. If you are Light shades of reds and burgundy look great on warmer skins.


Use Primer

This is one of the basic rule of applying a lipstick. Use a primer before applying a lipstick as it helps to give a better contrast and the lipstick lasts for quite longer than expected.


Use A Lip Liner

Did you know that a lip liner plays a key role in your perfect pout? Well, yes it does. Always opt for a lip liner which is closer to the shade of lipstick that you are going to wear.


Start Applying In The Middle

To get the best results, start applying your lipstick in the middle and then spread it outward with a brush. Applying with a brush leaves less room for mistakes and it gets evenly applied.

These are the few lipstick rules every girl should know. If you have any other tricks to apply lipstick then feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 16:18 [IST]
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