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Awesome Ways To Prevent Lipstick Stains

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It is often believed that when it comes to makeup, the eyes are the focal point. The lips and the cheeks are completely ignored and this is something which we must never do. The lips too have their importance and should be pampered in the right way just like any other feature of the body. When lipstick is applied on the lips, it throws out a very appealing and sensational look. It also makes a woman look bold and beautiful.

Applying lipstick to the lips may seem like a piece of cake, but the real trouble begins after the application, when the lipstick begins to stain everything the mouth touches.

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Experts state that most of the lipsticks tend to transfer and this ends up looking nasty and quite embarrassing too. Lipstick stains should be prevented if you take a little care before and after application. To prevent that red hue on the coffee cup and on your boyfriend's lips after a kiss, take a look at these simple tips. Also, pay attention to the kind of brand you purchase as that too is important!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at how you can prevent lipstick stains by following these awesome five ways:

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How To Avoid Lipstick Stain On Glass

Opt For A Lip Liner - Not many use lip liners, but it is essential to use in order to prevent lipstick bleeding and to enhance that pout. After an application of your creamy lipstick, dab a lip liner across the lips. The liner absorbs the extra texture from the lipstick preventing it from staining anything your mouth is placed against.

Use A Lip Primer - To help the transfer of lipstick to collars and cups, lip primer is an option to use. Lip primer helps in preparing the lips by creating an even and a flawless base. A lip primer should be applied before the application of the lipstick.

How To Avoid Lipstick Stain On Glass

Blot Thy Lips - After applying lipstick on the lips, place a tissue paper or a blotting paper between the lips. Press the lips gently against the paper and remove. This ancient beauty trick is the best to prevent lipstick stains and lipstick bleeding.

Powder Those Lips - After the first coat of lipstick application, lightly brush the lips with a coat of face powder and complete it by reapplying another coat of lipstick. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding and retains the moisture on the lips after you've applied the lipstick.

How To Avoid Lipstick Stain On Glass

Foundation Works Wonders - Foundation is one of the best things to apply on the lips before an application of lipstick. After foundation, dab a little compact powder over the lips and then apply your favourite coat of lipstick. This beauty trick prevents transferring the lipstick from the lip line.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 21, 2015, 8:01 [IST]
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