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Shades Of Lipstick To Make Teeth Look Whiter

When you have not so bright teeth, the first thing which would come across your mind is to use the right shade of lipstick. When you choose the shade of lipstick, you should also keep in mind the colour of your skin tone. There are not so many lipstick shades which will be able to match your skin tone! When it comes to dusky skins, avoid using too bright shades of lipstick and if you are fair, go in for sunshine colours to make you look bright and beautiful. However, there are exceptions when it comes to dusky women in bright shades of lipsticks. The trick here is to carry the colour you wear in style with the right type of outfit.

Now, shades of lipsticks can help to make your teeth look whiter, did you know that? There are a few particular shades of lipstick which you can apply on your fine lips to make your teeth shine. There is no necessity of using expensive teeth whitening products to make your teeth look white. There are multiple options for you to transform your look through the art of make up.

Lets take a look at some of the famous celebrities and their shades of lipsticks to make your teeth look whiter. Remember, carry the shade of lipstick in style to look glamorous!


Halle Berry

The actress Halle Berry is seen wearing pale pink. This shade of lipstick can be used on dusky skin to make your teeth look whiter


Sheer Pink

When it comes to sheer pink, actress Kat Graham carries the look in style. The sheer pink on her looks gorgeous on her brown skin.


Bright pink

Katy Perry is known for bright colours. Just like this beautiful singer, you too can sport this shade of lipstick in style to make your teeth look whiter.


Bright red

This is one of the most seductive shades of lipsticks which also makes your teeth look whiter. Miley Cyrus looks sexy in this shade!


Pinkish red

One of the best colours you can apply on your soft lips to brighten up your teeth is pinkish red. Look at Rihanna for example, doesn't she look gorgeous?



This is considered to be one of the most daring shade of lipstick to make your teeth look white. Jennifer Lopez looks stunning in it and surely carries it in style.


Royal purple

If you want to look royal, then opt for a purple lipstick. However, when it comes to this colour, make sure that the purple is not too bright but needs to be dark!


Night look

If you are fair, go in for the Gothic look, black! This jet black shade of lipstick will in no doubt make your teeth appear whiter!



The colour brown looks good on any type of skin tone. Taking Lady Gaga for example, she looks gorgeous and trendy. Surely it does make her teeth sparkle.



If you are comfortable with nude shades of lipstick, go in for nude shades that have a gloss. This shade of lipstick will help to make your teeth look bright.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 11:03 [IST]
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