Nail Polish Colours For Fair Women

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Most of the women blindly pick up nail colours they love, but do not consider how it will look on them. Certain shades look better on various skin tones, so women must consider this tip before picking up a nail polish. Many questions like, "Which colour will look best?" "Is this colour trending?, and "Is this nail colour chic or not? should pop up in our minds. Well, picking up a nail polish is actually a tricky task. You need to pick up colours that are in fashion and most importantly, goes well with your skin colour. For example, women with dark skin tone should avoid applying metallic colours on their nails. Similarly, women with a fair skin tone should avoid applying dark brown nail colours.

As neon and bright colours are trending this season, women with fair skin can experiment with these sexy and chic colours on several occasions. Bright red, neon green, light yellow, bubblegum pink and neon orange are few chic nail colours that will look great on women with fair skin. While blood or wine red are hot picks among women, neon summer colours can be a good try for women who have a fair skin tone. Even lighter shades of grey or lavender can be applied to look feminine and girly. Here are few nail polish colours that will look good on women with fair skin tone. You can pick up your favourite colours and try some creative nail arts if required!

Nail polish colours for fair women:


Cobalt blue

It is a trending colour this season. So, why not try this nail polish colour? It will look gorgeous on fair women.



This is a feminine nail polish colour which will look best on women with a fair skin tone.



Metallic colours can look bold and chic! Try the stylish metallic golden or yellow nail polish colour. It is a trending nail polish colour.



A french manicure will remain in fashion forever! Try some creative nail art to look simple yet stylish.



Neon green is a trending chic nail polish colour for summers. You can paint your nails green for an evening party.



College girls try this a lot! Paint your nails with bright and neon colours and see the magic! It looks fashionable and chic.


Neon colours

Neon pink, orange and pretty pink are classic nail colours that are trending in summer and will look good on fair women.



Neon orange is a sexy nail polish colour that will look good on fair women.


Bright pink

It is a feminine and chic colour. Most of the women like to keep it simple with pink shades. This is the right pick for women with a fair skin tone.



This is a bold and sexy nail polish colour. This classic nail polish colour is back in fashion. Women with fair skin must paint their nails red!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 2:03 [IST]
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