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Makeup Essentials With A Black Dress

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Black is a colour that looks stunning on everyone. Whether you are fat or slim, black will tone you down and make you look hot. So if you have decided to don a black dress for an important occasion like your prom night or office party, you better make sure that you get your makeup right. Makeup for a black dress is very simple and yet many people get it horribly wrong.

Nobody wants to get the dress right and the makeup wrong to spoil the day. So, here are some inputs on what makeup goes with a black dress.

Black Dress Makeup

Eye Makeup Ideas:

The eye makeup ideas that you try with a black dress will be the most important part of your makeup. You have a plethora of options but we'll just mention the best three.

1. Smokey Eyes: There is absolutely no sweat for putting this eye makeup idea into practice. Apply some petroleum jelly on your eyelids, use dark kohl to draw a thick line over your lashes and then then smudge it carefully with your fingers. You can dust some smokey black eye shadow as well.

2. Steel Grey Eyes: Grey is a cold colour, but it will surely look hot with a black outfit. You need to draw a thick lash line with a light black eyeliner. Use shimmering white eyeliner to over the lash line from the halfway mark. The mix of black and white will give a grey effect. The makeup for your black dress will be complete with a bit of grey eyeshadow.

3. Suave Brown Eyes: While the two eye makeup ideas mentioned above will make you look sizzling hot, brown is a colour of sophistication. It is something you should wear to an official dinner or to an important meeting. Use a coffee brown eyeliner and a neutral or flesh tone eye shadow to finish of your eye makeup.

Lip Colour To Go With Black:

1. Black dress and blood red lips is the oldest trick of the book named 'How To Look Hot'. But you need a certain kind of bold personality to carry off this explosive mix of colours. If you are not the bold type, it will merely look raunchy on you. This lip colour shade will go best with smokey eyes.

2. The other option is to keep your lips almost bare with a flesh tone lip colour shade or just lip gloss. This is ideal for brown eye makeup. Your lip colour options for a black dress are limited. Do not try pink and maroon with black; it looks childish.

Wrap It Up: To wrap it up, you can apply a little red rouge if you are going for red lips. If not then just use a plump coloured highlighter instead of rouge to keep it simple.

These are the set of makeup ideas that you can try with a black dress. Have you tried anything else that has worked well with black?

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