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Red Lipstick Make-Up Tips For Perfect Ruby Lips!

Posted By: Gowri Nandini
Ruby Red Lips
“She's got ruby red lips, blond hair, blue eyes..i'm about to kiss my heart goodbye..." - these are the lyrics of a famous country song. Very true indeed. A pair of beautiful red lips can draw a guy like a magnet towards you.

However, most of us refrain from using red as a colour to adorn our lips. Small lips, large lips, dark complexion etc. are a few reasons that withhold us from using this fiery colour as a beauty enhancer. By mastering a few red lipstick application tips, your too can flaunt your ruby red lips.

Red Lipstick Make-up Tips

  • Try the colour on your lips, when you do not have any make-up on. This helps you choose the shade that matches your exact skin tone. Avoid choosing a colour by applying the lipstick on your hand.
  • Choose the lipstick shade based on the lighting for your red lipstick make-up. If you are going out during the day, choose a softer shade. If the occasion is a late evening party, then opt for a bolder shade. 
  • Your skin tone rules when it comes to choosing the right shade of red lipstick for make-up. Have a look at the following tips;

Blonde hair: Orange red, coral red, copper red.
Black or brown hair: Shades of red a hint of brown.
Red hair: Bright shades of red.

  • Remember to keep the eye-shadow to natural shade, as electric shades of eye-shadow do not match with bright and perfect red lips. Just use a mascara, you can leave the eye-liner behind.
  • Apply a good liner before you apply a red lipstick. This avoids the red colour from 'bleeding' around your lips. You can also dust your lips with powder to avoid the colour from running onto your face.
  • Thin lipped people should avoid make-up with brighter shades of red lipstick, as such a colour makes your lips appear thinner.
  • If you feel that your teeth aren't of the pearly white type, you can choose a red colour with blue undertones. This makes your teeth appear whiter.
  • When you want a red lipstick make-up, remember to choose a dress colour that matches your lips. Do not opt for colours such as yellow, green or white. Black is a good option.
  • The last but not the least red lipstick make-up tip is to make sure that apart from the red colour on your lips, all other colours on the face must be reduced to the minimal. This helps the colour stand out.

Apart from following the above mentioned red lipstick application tips, you must always feel confident about flaunting the red colour on your lips. Only then can your lips make the impression you want.

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Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2011, 15:20 [IST]
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