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Cleavage Makeup To Enhance Breast Size!

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Cleavage Makeup
Wearing a deep neck dress and want to flaunt the cleavage? You can enhance the cleavage with makeup. With the help of makeup tips, you can boost up your breast size and make it look perfect. Lets check out the makeup tips for cleavage.

Cleavage makeup tips:

1. Wear a push up bra to enhance the breast size and make the cleavage line look clearer and deeper.

2. Dress up and tuck a facial paper around the neck borders to avoid getting makeup stains on the cloth.

3. Apply moisturizer on the neck and cleavage to make it smooth. Use a foundation on the area. Light coloured foundation is effective for makeup.

4. If you have dark spots or scars, apply little concealer to hide them. Blend the foundation and concealer with the skin tone.

5. Take a dark bronzer and apply it on the area with the help of a brush. Bronzer is the most effective makeup product to enhance breasts and cleavage.

6. Apply bronzer from the end of the point where the bra strap meets with the cup. Follow it till the cleavage line.

7. Repeat it on the other side of the strap till the cleavage. This makeup tip help the breasts look voluptuous and in shape.

8. Apply more bronzer on the cleavage which is between the breasts. This makeup enhances the cleavage and makes it more visible. It is one effective cleavage makeup tip to make breasts look heavy and big.

9. Blend the colour from upward to downward direction to create a V shape. This makes the curve look natural.

10. Take a lighter colour like white or gold coloured eye shadow or a face powder. Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply the powder or eye shadow. Apply in upward to downward direction on the visible breasts from the sides.

Follow these cleavage makeup tips to enhance breast size. If after the makeup the breasts doesn't look highly enhanced, apply more bronzer on the cleavage to deepen and get curve.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 14:42 [IST]
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