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6 Tips To Restore Severely Heat-Damaged Hair

Straighteners and curling wands have made our lives so convenient, right? Doing the hairstyle of your choice has never been so easy. Whether you want to rock the straight hair look or flaunt the luscious curls, you can trust the heat-styling tools to give you the best look each time. But, it isn't all that glamorous.

Regular use of heat-styling tools can leave your hair dull, damaged and lifeless. The damage caused by the excessive heat from these tools can also lead to split ends and hair fall. Your heat-damaged hair is in dire need of self-care and love.

It is time to buckle up and pamper your hair. Here are six tips to help you restore life to severely heat-damaged hair. Take a look!


1. Give The Heat-Styling Tools A Rest

This is a no-brainer. To fight the damage done by the heat-styling tools, the first thing you have got to do is give it a rest. Not using straighteners and curling wands for some time gives your hair a chance to repair themselves and soak in the goodness of all the nourishing treatments you use. With a break on the heat-styling tools, gradually your hair will start to become healthy.

Whenever you do start using the heat-styling tools, make sure to protect your hair with heat protectant spray.

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2. Be Regular At Hot Oil Massages

A good hot oil massage is great nourishment for your hair. It is even more so important for heat-damaged hair. Constant exposure to heat makes your hair dry and rough. Oiling provides the much-needed hydration to your hair. A hot oil massage helps to lock the moisture in your hair and also to repair the damage to your hair.

So, before you shampoo, give yourself a hot oil massage. You can choose any hair oil or to make it more effective and fun, mix a few oils for your champi.


3. Get On Board With Hair Masks

Just like you pamper your face with nourishing masks, your hair also needs pampering. Hair masks are filled with moisturising and nourishing ingredients that seep deep into the hair roots to repair the damage and leave you with soft, smooth and healthy hair.

You will find tons of hair masks in the market or you can stick to natural remedies and make your own hair mask at home.


4. Chop Off The Damaged Tresses

Sometimes, the damage is too extreme to be repaired. The best way to deal with such damage is chopping off the damaged hair. With heat-styling tools, the damage is mostly limited to the ends of your hair. If that's the case with you, just get a hair cut. Not only will your hair look much healthier after a hair cut, but it will also refresh your look.

To keep your hair healthy after a hair cut, start with a proper hair care routine and keep the use of heat-styling tools to a minimum.

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5. Be Creative With Your Hairstyle

Heat-damaged hair can look lifeless. And that is not exactly the look you want to go for! So, while you are doing all the things to revive your damaged hair, get creative your hairstyles. Go for various buns and braids. This way, you won't need heat-styling tools to style the hair, and you can hide the damaged hair easily.

Also, open hair is more prone to damaged. With the amount of damage your hair has already suffered, it is best to protect your hair from any further damage.


6. Switch To More Natural Hair Products

We don't realise how much damage is done by the shampoo and conditioners that we use on our hair. The regular shampoo and conditioner contain harsh chemicals that worsen the damage to the hair. Switch to organic paraben-free and sulphate-free shampoos. These contain moisturising ingredients that are gentle on the hair and help to repair the damaged tresses. And always finish your hair wash routine with a cold rinse. It helps to seal the cuticle on your strands and the moisture and nutrients with it.

Story first published: Friday, October 9, 2020, 14:30 [IST]