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Keep Your Curly Hair Tamed And Beautiful This Monsoon Season With These Expert Tips

Monsoon brings relief from the scorching heat of the summer and a lot of reasons to worry for the curly hair beauties. Curly hair with their infamous frizz and volume are anyways hared to manage on a normal day, the downpour of the monsoons make it worse. Curly hair absorbs the heavy moisture on the monsoon air, the cuticles of the hair expand and you have a mess of voluminous frizzy mane that makes it unmanageable.

Before you rush into the salon for expensive treatments or buy some luxurious hair care products, try these simple hair care tips to keep your curly hair beautiful and bouncy this rainy season. Here we go!


Stick To A Trusted And Hydrating Hair Wash Routine

Monsoon season is not the one to try new hair products. Stick to the products that you know works for your hair. Your best bet will be using a shampoo that is extremely hydrating for your hair. A simple and effective hair wash routine is what this season demands. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week with a gap at least 2 days between each hair wash.


Never Skip On Conditioner

If you have curly hair, conditioner is a must-have hair care products to keep your stunning tresses manageable. If you do not already use a conditioner(which blows our mind away), get one ASAP. The conditioner calms your frizzy hair and adds a level of moisture and protection to it. Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. And remember not to put the conditioner on your scalp.

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Invest In A Hydrating And Smoothning Serum

Your after-wash routine also plays an important role during the monsoon season. First, do not use a towel to rub your hair vigorously. Second, always use a hair serum to your slight wet tresses to keep things your hair smooth and manageable.


DO NOT Bleach Your Hair

Bleaching is the worst thing you can do to your hair. If you have dark locks and you want to try some unusual hair colour, the first thing the hair professional does is to bleach your hair to neutralise it. Bleaching uses chemicals that damage your hair and sucks the moisture out. This leaves your hair vulnerable to monsoon damage. So, no drastic hair colour change in the monsoon. Stick with highlights and different hairstyles for the rainy season and keep the extreme treatments for afterwards.


Keep Hair Straightening For Some Other Time

Straight, smooth hair is a temptation hard to miss. Avoid getting permanent hair straightening treatments in the monsoon season. The high amount of moisture in the air during the monsoon gets absorbed into your hair and the waves start to come back.

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It Is The Time For That Much-Anticipated Haircut

We all love haircuts. It refreshes our look and makes us feel so good about ourselves. But, that is not that a haircut does. It also chops off the damage tresses and makes your hair look more lively. If you have been planning a haircut for long, monsoon season is the time to do it.


Say No From Heat Styling Products

Heat styling products, no matter how convenient, damages your hair. These dry the hair and damages the protective hair cuticles leaving your hair prone to damage. Stick to air-drying for the rainy season and say no to the temptation of using a flat iron to jazz up your look.

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