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The Pineapple Hair Method: What It Is & How To Do It

Have you ever noticed that your luscious curls seem damaged and dull in the morning? Curly hair needs extra care and pampering. They get frizzy and are more prone to damage. While you take steps to prevent any damage to your hair throughout the day, what about the damage done to your hair while you sleep? The pineapple hair trick comes in handy here.

Let's find out what is this technique and how is it done!

Image Source: CurlyNikki

What Is Pineapple Hair Method?

Also known as hair pineappling, this is a method to loosely secure your hair in a ponytail before you go to sleep to prevent the hair from damage during the night.

The method is called pineapple method because if you do it the proper way the hair tied on the top of your head will resemble a pineapple. It is a quick and easy method to prevent damage, tangles and frizziness in the hair.

Why Should You Do The Pineapple Method?

Having curly hair is not exactly a walk in the park. If you have curly hair, you know how difficult it is to manage it and to prevent it from damage. And while you sleep, the damage can be quite prominent. This is because, during your sleep, you twist and turn and rub your hair against your pillow. This causes friction and leads to frizzy and damaged hair. Hence, there arises a need or a method that can prevent this damage. And that is exactly what the pineapple hair method does.

How To Do The Pineapple Hair Method

It is an easy technique that won't require much of your time. Here is how you can do hair pineappling.

What you need

  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Scrunchie/ hair-tie
  • Hair bonnet or scarf (optional)

The steps to do

  • Before you go to bed, brush through your hair gently to remove any tangles.
  • Flip all of your forward and gather all of it in an ultra-high ponytail that sits on the top of your head.
  • Slip the scrunchie through your hair and place it at the base of your ponytail.
  • Let the ponytail loose and the hair to fall.
  • If you want extra protection, cover your hair with some hair bonnet or scarf.
  • Go to sleep.
  • In the morning, gently pull out the scrunchie and scrunch your hair a bit to refresh it.

Note: Do not twist the scrunchie too much or tie the ponytail too tight.

How To Do The Pineapple Hair Method If You Have Long Hair?

Don't you worry! If you have long hair, after gathering your hair in a ponytail create a loose loop bun on the top of your head and you are done.

How To Do The Pineapple Hair Method If You Have Short Hair?

If you have short hair that you can not tie in a ponytail, you can tweak the method a bit and instead of one ponytail, you can divide your hair into 4 smaller sections and tie each section into a ponytail.

What Else You Can Do To Make Hair Pineappling More Efficient

Use a satin pillow or a satin pillow-case. This will help reduce friction during the night. Also, cotton pillow sucks the moisture from your hair and makes it frizzy. So, replace your cotton pillow with a satin one. You can also use silk scrunchie to tie your hair.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 16:52 [IST]