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This Winter Season, Get Ready To Raise The Temperature With These New Hair Colour Trends

Winters have almost arrived and so have the hair colour trends. Though hair colour never goes out of style, like the change in the season, trends also change. And if you are a hair colour lover, you definitely would be a trend follower too. In fact, you would love an opportunity to play and experiment with new colours.

Following the trends surely makes you cool, classy and updated, but while switching your hair colour for the new season, it's more important to find a colour that suits you. So, we have come up with seven coolest winter hair colour trends that will definitely add a style statement to your look. Check out the colour trends and find the best one for yourself.

1. Pale Pink Hair Colour

Pink has always been our best friend. So, dyeing your hair with pale pink colour is highly safe. The pale pink colour is a light and fun hair colour trend that you are definitely going to love this winter season. It's not necessary to permanently switch your hair colour. If you are not confident about the colour, you can opt for temporary hair colour spray, which will fade out in just one wash, a semi-permanent colour will fade in 4-10 washes and permanent colour will last longer.

How to dye - If you have a dark hair colour, remember to use hair colour bleach first to lighten your natural hair colour. And then follow up with pale pink colour. However, if you have light hair colour, like blonde, you don't need to use bleach, directly dye your pretty tresses with pale pink.

How to style - Once you are done with the hair colour, you can style your hair in little waves using a curling iron. If you have straight hair, there is no need to style it, straight hair goes well with any hair colour. You can also make a fishtail braid.

2. Pastel Hair Colour

Pastel hair colour is an experimental and most interesting hair colour. This type of hair colour is something which not everyone wants to try as it consists of bright colours. Pastel colour comes in a variety of hues, i.e., purple, blue, green, pink, orange, tangerine and many others. You can also opt for multi-toned hair colour or can stick to a single vibrant colour. If you are confused about which colour will suit you, let us help you there. The best way to find out your ideal colour is to pick such colour which matches your skin tone. Trust us, it definitely helps and you won't regret. To know which colour will suit a specific skin tone, read on further.

How to find ideal pastel colour - If you have darker skin, you can opt for some darker colours like turquoise. If you have a medium skin tone, you can pick blue, purple, or green colour. If you have fair skin, go for pink or orange or any other bright colour that beautifully pops out.

Care routine - You can't take your pastel hair colour for granted. You definitely need to switch to sulfate-free hair care products. Additionally, you should also apply the hair mask, which will maintain the integrity of your hair. You also need to take care of the temperature of the water while taking a shower. Since heat is the first and utmost thing, which can damage your hair colour, it's strictly advisable to shower with lukewarm water. That also means you need to cut out your hair dryer from your daily routine, and instead opt for air dry.

3. Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Bored with your usual blonde or light blonde hair colour? Do not worry, a new trend is on your way. This winter, give your blonde hair colour a twist and instead opt for ash blonde. You will definitely be seeing your favourite celebrities sporting this hair colour this season. So, why not give a try to this cool-toned colour and be the first trendsetter in the town? But with the new experimental hair colour also comes the great responsibility. You should definitely be aware of how to care your ash-blonde tresses.

Types of ash blonde colour - You need to know there is not a single colour of ash blonde. It comes in a variety of hues- mushroom blonde hair, grey ash blonde hair, ash blonde balayage, white ash blonde hair, and dark ash blonde hair. Women with fair skin tone can opt for light-hued ash blonde like grey ash-blonde hair or white ash-blonde hair, while those who have dark skin, can go for darker shades.

Care routine - Switch to colour-treated shampoo and conditioner. All you have to do is gently massage the shampoo onto your wet hair, rinse it and then follow with conditioner. Leave the conditioner in your coloured tresses for two to three minutes and then rinse it off. It is suggested to use purple shampoo for your ash blonde colour treated hair. Use a hair mask once or twice a week, to revive the colour.

4. Dyed Ends

Some of you have surely experimented with this type of hair colour. After all, it's the safest hair colour trend to follow as whenever your hair colour gets dull or you get bored of it, you don't have to think much on how to remove it off. Simply trim your hair from the ends and this is how you can get rid of it no time. Since the winter season has almost arrived, it's time to play with winter hair colours. So dip dye your hair in these beautiful colours to get a wonderful look.

Which colour to opt for - It all depends on your skin tone and your preferences. Basically, colours like pink, blue, red, green will look the best and might suit you if you have a fair skin tone.

How to style - You can slightly curl your ends, or straighten it. Beach waves, heavy curls, and layered hair cut will also work well.

5. Rose Gold Hair Colour

You would have rarely seen someone sporting rose gold hair colour, but this season you are definitely going to see it. This type of hair colour looks beautiful and we guarantee you can't ignore it. Once you pick this colour, you will get highly obsessed with it. Basically, rose gold hair colour is a little pinkish in colour.

Varieties of rose gold hair - Rose gold colour comes in varieties of hues like brunette rose gold, caramel rose gold, and amethyst rose gold. But we suggest you to go for regular rose gold. Once you sport it and liked it, then further you can try different varieties of it.

Care routine - Your rose gold hair colour needs a special treatment. Apart from opting colour-treated shampoos and conditioners, you should also use some leave-in products like hair serum, oil or cream to keep your hair moisturized. Instead of heat styling your hair with straightener or dryer or curler, get yourself a good haircut so that you don't need such heat-styling equipments. Or even if it requires, use a heat protectant spray before heat styling your hair. You also need to refresh your rose gold locks with dry shampoo to add shine.

6. Peacock Hair Colour

Do not forget, you love peacock because of its beautiful dance during rains and what attracts us the most is its colourful feathers. So, why not make use of those attractive colours by sporting it as a hair colour trend. This winter season, you can surely do it. Peacock hair colour is perfect for those who want to play with multi-colours all together and flaunt it. So, here is how you can rock this hair trend.

How to present it - You don't have to play with five or six hair colours all together and make a mess out of it. However, to look colourful, you can choose these mixtures of colours to present your hair beautifully and attractively.

  • Blues and greens with blonde streaks
  • Royal blue and aqua
  • Purple, blue, green, and blonde
  • Blue and pink only at the ends
  • Transition of colour from purple on the top, then blue in the middle, and green at the ends.
  • Pink, blue, and green
  • Yellow, green, pink, and blue

How to dye - This type of hair colour is suitable for those who have pre-lightened blonde to light brown hair. However, if you are already sporting another colour and want to switch into peacock hair colour. First, dye all your hair (if you want to dye all your hair with peacock colour) with blonde colour, and then you can colour your hair as desired.

7. Candy Apple Hair Colour

Candy apple hair colour is the rich red colour which gives wonderful result when fully dyed. It's slightly deeper than cherry bomb but still extremely vivid. Just like red lip shade does wonders, candy apple hair colour is also the perfect hair colour to flaunt. This type of hair colour will do full justice to your look in winters.

How to dye - If you have a dark hair colour, it's very important to use hair colour bleach first to lighten your natural hair colour to get the desired result. And then follow up with candy apple colour.

Care routine - Wash with colour treated shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry your tresses. Do not use a hair dryer or any other heat-styling equipments. Apply a hair mask twice a week to make the colour last longer.

So, which type of hair colour trend are you looking forward to follow this winter? Do let us know in the comment section.

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