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Instagram Hair Expert Olivia Smalley Has The Perfect Hacks To Add Instant Volume To Thin Hair

Instagram sure has given many aspiring artists a promising platform to prove their mettle. Olivia Smalley is one such celebrated hair expert on Instagram. With her various smart and easy hair hacks, Olivia has become quite popular on Instagram. Always promising Olivia has now the perfect hacks for those struggling with thin hair.

In her latest IGTV video on Instagram, Olivia shared that while her hair is healthy, her hair, unfortunately, is "extremely extremely thin". She also shared that her clients are always asking her about hacks for thin hair. Oh boy, can we relate! Captioning her post as "All of the HAIR HACKS! Struggling with thin hair my whole life.. I've come up with a few hacks and researched others! Which hack is your favorite?!", Olivia shared some amazing hacks to instantly add volume to her thin hair. And we are revealing all of these hair hacks today. Here we go!

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Side Part, Always

The first and the simplest hair hacks that Olivia shared was to never middle-part your thin hair. Middle-parting makes your hair look even flatter. So, if you want that volume, side part your hair always and you will instantly notice your hair looking better.


Crimping Gives Your Hair An Instant Lift

For her second hack, you would need a crimping iron. Side part your hair and start from the side with the smaller parting. Now, we do not want to crimp our hair, our purpose is to add volume. So, we need to create a veil that hides the crimped hair and make your hair look fluffy. To create the veil, part your hair an inch below from your actual parting and flip it over to the other side. Now, you need to crimp your hair on the smaller side of the parting at the roots. Hold the hair at the end of the parting, elevate it a bit and start crippling your hair till a few inches. Start crimping your hair along your parting leaving the hair at the hairline.

Now disguise the crimped hair by flipping over the veil you had created before. Immediately you will see that added volume to your hair.

Add volume to your other side by following the same steps right creating a veil. The best part of this hack is that the crimped hair will stay for the next few days, so you do not have to repeat the process every single day.

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Hair Clip Trick

For her next hack, Olivia has a trick to add instant volume to the front hair. Section off the hair on either side of your parting, hold it and placed a hair clip right at the roots and leave the hair. Now, spray some water right at your roots on either side of the clipped hair. With a dryer on medium heat and low speed, blow-dry your hair on the roots which you just dampened till the hair is completely dry.

Pro-tip by Olivia: If you want to know whether the hair is completely dry, hit the roots with the cold air blast setting of the dryer. If you feel moisture, the hair is still wet, if not you are good to go.

Allow the hair to cool for a couple of minutes and pull out the hair clip. Enjoy the voluminous hair!

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Hair Extensions Are Life Saving

Lastly, we move on to hair extensions. Hair extensions are amazing and they instantly add length and volume to your hair. So, why not use some? It perfectly normal to use some hair extensions to get the hair you want. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Section half your hair in a bun and clip in the extensions. Now release the bun and marvel at the massive transformation right before your eyes. Style your new hair any way you want to.

If you are a ponytail kind of girl and the getting the hair extensions into a ponytail might get tricky. Not only does it risk the extension clips being visible but wrapping the extensions around your ponytail might give you a thickness that might look fake. Don't worry, Olivia has the perfect hack for that as well.

Flip your hair upside-down, clip in the extensions and then gather your hair in a ponytail with your natural hair. That was pretty easy, right!

There you have it. We hope that these amazing hacks will make your life so much easier and help you cope with the struggles of having thin hair. If you do try any of these hair hacks, do write to us and tell us how did that work out for you!