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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Bouncy While In Quarantine

Quarantine time can be difficult to get through. Not if you look at it from a different perspective. Among other things, the quarantine period is a great time to spend on your health and well-being. And we are not talking about eating good food. We are talking about taking care of your hair and skin and feeling good about yourself. All the time sitting inside the house can make us lazy and neglect our hair. Do you get how disastrous that sounds? Especially with the change in weather, we might be moving towards damaged hair.

So, let us be more mindful and get to know how to keep our hair healthy and bouncy while in quarantine.


Stick To Your Wash Schedule

Washing the hair is a regular task but one that can be tedious for us. And we should not underestimate our ability to push the hair wash day considering we are not going for quite a few days nor. Do not do that. A day's delay in washing your hair can increase hair fall. So, whether you wash your hair every alternate day or every 2-3 days, stick to that schedule and your hair will flourish.

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Air-Dry Your Hair

We all know how damaging the heat-styling products are for the hair. But, we still keep giving ourselves excuses, the most common being you need to run out the door and you don't have the time to wait for it to dry. Well, now that you don't have to go anywhere, you have all the time to let your hair air dry. It is more healthy for your hair. During the quarantine time, promise yourself to give your hair a break from the heat-styling products.


Do Not Skip The Conditioner

Conditioner is a product that seals your cuticles and gives you hair smoothness and shine. It also creates a barrier on your hair to protect it from outer damage. Now you know why your hairstylist stresses on a conditioner all the time. So, do not be lazy in the quarantine and skip the conditioner.

Remember not to put the conditioner on your scalp. This will weaken the roots and result in hair fall and hair damage.


Be Gentle While You Towel Dry Your Hair

Drying the hair wrong is one of the most prominent reasons for hair damage. I know it is mind-boggling to think that just the simple act of drying the hair can cause hair damage but it is true. Vigourously rubbing your wet hair damages the hair cuticles and leads to hair breakage. The right way to dry your hair is to squeeze the access water and use the towel in pressing motions to dry your hair. DO NOT RUB. And as said above, let your hair air dry.


Do Not Let Your Hair Tangled

Let's be real here for a moment. How many of you are combing your hair every day? Yep, now you know the reason why your hair has been a mess!

Many of us have a tendency to comb only when leaving for work or other chores. But should not be your approach if you want healthy hair. Make it a practice of combing your hair every morning and every night before you sleep. Do not let the tangles and knots in your hair stay for long. Use a wide-toothed comb when you are getting rid of your tangles. The comb with dense bristles will tug on your hair can cause hair fall.


Tie Your Hair While You Sleep

While we are at the topic of combing your hair, let us talk about the step that comes after that. And that is styling the hair. Hair left open is exposed and hence prone to damage, especially at night. While we sleep, we tend to toss and turn. And if your hair is open, the friction created by your tossing and turning can cause hair breakage. So, tie your hair in a braid or ponytail (if you have short hair) before you go to sleep. It will help you keep your hair healthy and bouncy to a great degree.


Oil You Hair Once A Week

You might not get all the nutrients your hair needs through the food you intake. You need to give your hair something extra. Oiling the hair is that extra oomph of nourishment. Oils have many hair-boosting properties that nourish your hair roots to strengthen your hair and promote hair growth. Make the best use of the quarantine time and oil your hair at least once a week. Leave it on for about an hour before washing your hair.


And While You Are At It, Throw In A Hair Mask

Now that you have the time to spend on nourishing your hair, you can add to the nourishment adding a hair mask to your hair care routine. Hair masks are highly hydrating, and help to add and retain the moisture to your hair. They also tame the frizz in your hair and make your hair smooth, soft and healthy. And you do not have to get a store-bought hair mask. You can easily make a hydrating hair mask at home with the ingredients in your kitchen.

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