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Hair Slugging - The Newest Beauty Trend For Healthy Hair

The beauty of social media is that it births new trends every other day. While some receive a thumbs up and some get backlashed as obsolete. And there are some trends, you should definitely think about upon trying and getting the best results. Take hair slugging for example. This newest beauty trend can give you the hair of your dreams!

Image: Pixabay

Here's everything you should know about hair slugging:

What's Hair Slugging?

Firstly, don't get confused by this fancy term. This is in fact a super easy home treatment for hair. Plus you don't require any fancy hair treatment messager or gadgets for it. All you need is a hair oil or serum of your choice and a sock, that's it!

It is essentially a good old 'oil champi' which grandmums always vouched for maintaining hair health. To get the best out of this newest trend, you simply need to apply a good amount of oil to your hair. Message the hair with oil in a circular motion till the oil penetrates the scalp and roots. Lukewarm oil provides even better results.

After the oil massage, you just need to cover the hair with a sock. Why sock? Well, it can protect the hair ends from damage and friction. This trick also hydrates the hair and improves hair health. For best results, follow this hair care regimen at least once a week.

Also, ensure the sock is washed and clean. If not sock, keep the oiled hair protected in a large soft cotton scarf. The idea here is to keep the hair not-exposed to air or dirt.

Does Hair Slugging Help?

Image: Pinterest

Oiling your hair is the minimal effort one can take to keep the hair healthy forever. A hot oil massage provides blood circulation to the scalp which allows the hair roots to hydrate and makes them stronger. Apart from the roots, the tip of the hairs should be oiled as well.

Thanks to today's demanding and busy lifestyle, many don't get enough time to look after their hair. The result? Brittle hair, hair thinning, and hair loss. And let's admit it, no one wishes to flaunt damaged hair. That's why it is necessary to shell out at least 10-15 minutes of your time to devote to the hair care routine.

Hair slugging is synonyms with hair message or champi. It helps keep the hair stronger and shinier!

Should You Try This?

You definitely should! Hairs require correct moisture and hydration. Pick a natural hair oil or serum for this home hair care treatment. Enjoy the good old hair massage with oil. There is no need to hurry. Do it with patience. The whole process helps relieve tension and stress.

Ideally, let the oil settle in your hair overnight. Use a natural shampoo to wash the hair the next day. Don't be surprised to have glossy and hydrated tresses with this simple hair trend! You might earn a #hairgoals tag on social media!

Story first published: Thursday, August 18, 2022, 17:28 [IST]
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