15 Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

By Sreya Dutta

Summer can either mean sunshine and happiness or just bad news for you. You of course have to choose from them. The hot summer sun can be pretty harmful to your hair but not if you take the proper precautions.

If you do not, the beautiful summer sun can wreak absolute havoc on your hair. Effects might result in adverse hair conditions like limp hair, increased hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizziness and worse hair fall, overly dry scalp and sunburn or constant greasiness due to sweat or sunscreen smeared near your hairline.

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Therefore, if you want to avoid these hair nightmares that summer can tend to bring upon you, it is important that you avoid too much of sun exposure, sweaty scalp, humidity and take some adequate measures to protect your hair better during the summers.

In this regard, we have listed below 15 of your best pre-emptive hair care measures that you need to maintain the beauty of your hair.

1. Too many cosmetics are harmful to your hair

Summer might already dry out your hair and cause damage. So, make sure to avoid too much coloring or chemicals from further drying your hair during this period. At least, try holding such drying elements away from your hair till summer passes.

2. Conditioner can be more helpful than you realize

The summer sun tends to dry your hair out, which is why restoring some moisture and life into it might be very helpful. A rinse-out conditioner might just do the deed. You need to choose one that properly suits your hair texture and type. Remember to put a leave-in conditioner before you decide to go swimming.

3. Shampoo the right way

Shampooing your hair daily might cause more harm than you think. Too much of it tends to dry up the scalp and hence the hair even more. You need to choose a milder shampoo suitable for summer, especially if your hair tends to sweat more or become greasy more often. You should apply shampoo only to your scalp and not your hair, as applying it on your hair or hair tips might dry them out.

4. Things to keep in mind before you go swimming

If you decide to hit the pool, you should remember to never shampoo before, as your hair will then lose all its protective oils and will become more vulnerable to chemicals and salt present in the water. Once you finish swimming, you need to take a quick shower and use an ethylene tetra-acetic acid containing shampoo to remove the harmful effects of the chemicals present in the pool.

5. Avoid over heat exposure

Avoid extra heat on your hair, as the summer sun will already put too much heat on it. Air-dry instead of using your blow-dryer. Keep your curlers or styling irons away from your hair at least until summer is over.

6. Regular trimming

Your hair takes most of the beatings during summer, which is why you are likely to find more dry tips or split ends, which is very unhealthy for your hair and makes your hair look bad. You can always try opting for small trims regularly to avoid such problems.

7. Take proper care of your hair color

If your hair was colored recently or before, it would need some extra care this raging summer. Chemical treatments are often known to damage your hair and in the hot summer, this is especially true. Use hair color care products if you find excessive hair dryness or your hair color to be fading. Also, avoid sun exposure or try covering your hair while going out.

8. Protect your hair from the sun and summer heat

Wear a scarf or wear a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen before going out, so that you can screen your hair from the scorching summer sun. If you need to stay outdoors often, make sure you use hair products with enough SPF to protect your hair from the best and harmful sun rays. A special hair mask that suits your hair can also be helpful. Also, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly once you are back home.

9. How to control hair frizz

The easiest thing you can do to protect your hair from getting extra dry and frizzy from the summer heat is tie it up. You can style your hair up in plenty of fashionable ways to show it off during the summer, from knots to braids and updos, buns, knots or ponytails. This can help you protect your hair from too much of heat and pollution during the summer and hence from getting frizzy or sweaty.

10. Include plenty of fluids in your diet

During the hot summer, one of the most essential hair care tips is that you need to remember to drink plenty of water and include plenty of extra fluids in your diet, in order to keep your skin and hair healthy. Cooling fluids will help a great deal in both keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet will also help you immensely.

11. Treatments like co-wash and deep conditioning

If you see signs of your hair getting thinner, drier or more brittle during these harsh summers, hair care and attending to your hair regularly might help you protect your hair better against sun exposure, especially if you stay outdoors more. You should make sure you treat your hair with proper and regular deep-conditioning to keep your hair nourished and hydrated in this heat. Daily co-wash can help your hair regain its natural beauty and remain healthy.

12. Dry shampoo or dry washing your hair

If you feel like shampooing every day during this hot summer because of oily, greasy and sweaty hair, then shifting to dry shampoos might be your best bet. You can find many dry shampoos in the market or you can sprinkle some baby talc and comb it out on your hair.

13. Some helpful hair-dos during summer

It's better if you do not flaunt your hair out in the open during this harsh summer. Instead, try flaunting your hair in some stylish hair-dos that will make sure your hair is protected as well as make sure you enjoy flaunting it the right way. There are plenty of hair-styling techniques like plenty types of buns, up-dos, braids or ponytails that you can try. These styles will make your hair look elegant as well as protect it properly from the heat and pollution and thus, external hair damage. You can also try plenty of chic and great-looking short hairstyles if you decide to cut your hair short.

14. Make sure you use the right hair care products

This harsh summer, you need to make sure that you use hair products that come with replenishing, hydrating and moisturizing properties for your hair. Try avoiding those styling products that contain formaldehyde or alcohol because this is harmful for your hair. Avoid products with tags that say 'Bouncy' or 'Volumizing'. These hair products should be strictly avoided, as they are harmful to your hair and might dry it up and make it more brittle.

15. Opt for helpful night hair treatments

During the hot and harsh summer, you can try applying a good nourishing and moisturizing leave-in conditioner, especially on the areas of your hair that are extra frizzy or dry. Then, you can wrap a towel or a plastic cover around your head to protect your hair mask before you go to sleep. When you wake up, you will see that the frizziness in your hair will become way more hydrated and manageable.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 30, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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