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Hair Fall – Whom Should I Trust?

By Lekhaka

As you grow past your late 20s, hair fall is a common problem which everyone faces. In case of some it could be onset due to pregnancy in others it could be a stress-related trigger. Whatever the reason be, you would have definitely seen instances of Hairfall increasing over the period of time. In present days with a stressful lifestyle, Hairfall as an issue has impacted more females than in past.

Often there will be a trigger in our life which will make you want to take some action to control hair fall. For many, it could be thinning of hair or Guccha of Hair in a comb. The most important question that you would have faced at that moment is whom should I trust?

You would find various products & brands in market- Like Oil, shampoo, conditioner and each claiming to cure hairfall. Choosing a right product in such scenario is the key to address issue. In this article today, we will help you directing to right choice making and also share some suggestions that we have received from our reader on same topic.

To begin with out of various formats like shampoo, conditioner, drugs and hair oil, only hair oils have been scientifically proven to cure hairfall. The simple reason being hair oil stays on scalp for much longer duration and thus ingredient solves the root problem of hair fall. But choosing right hair oil is also a daunting task. There are various hair oils in market claiming hairfall reduction in just few weeks, and it's really difficult to make out which one will actually be effective.

Off late a lot of brands have started using doctors and celebrities in their advertisement for recommending a particular brand for hairfall product. While for beauty products, we would say with slight cautious these advertisement can be trusted, in case of hairfall you should be very cautious.

There are 2 reasons why we say such ads shouldn't be blindly trusted in case of hair oil - firstly the even the doctors shown in Ad might not be even real doctors. Secondly, hairfall as a problem can only be solved by carefully made hair remedy with years of in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda. Celebrities and Allopathic doctors certainly don't have such indepth understanding of Ayurveda to recommend a product.

Then the question is whom should you trust? Ideally you should either trust a product which is being recommended by someone who has actually felt good result after using product or a product made by someone with an authority in making hair related products. We asked same question to our various regular readers, and one such story we got is as below.

Geeta Venu from Kochi said "2 Years back after my pregnancy I started having hair fall. Getting deceived by TV ads showing recommendation by doctors I tried various products but nothing helped. I always knew my hair fall problem could be solved only by an Ayurvedic product, but I wasn't able to find the right one. Then my elder sister told me one day, why am I trying so many new brands? Instead, you should use Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic as it is an ayurvedic hairfall product from an Indian brand which has years of knowledge in hair care? I thought how could I have missed such a simple logic and I immediately started using Parachute Ayurvedic. Not only did it control my hairfall, but even my hair has also become voluminous now. "

We heard many similar stories from a lot of our readers recommending Parachute Ayurvedic for hairfall and other hair related problems. We ourselves tried understanding why the product is so effective vs other hair oils in market. What we understood is what gives potency to an ayurvedic remedy is not just the ingredients, but also the process which is used to prepare the remedy. Parachute Ayurvedic, with years of experience that they have in hair care is using this knowledge to exactly give an ayurvedic formulation that works.

Hairfall should always be treated with caution. We from boldsky team also recommend you to not blindly trust advertising claims of doctors, rather trust product recommended either by real consumers or from someone who has authority in making products with years of knowledge of Hair care.

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Story first published: Friday, December 28, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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