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    Hair Care Routine Everyone Must Follow In The Morning

    By Amruta

    Washing your hair is extremely important. And doing it the right way - even more. That's why so much importance is given to hair care. On an average, you should at least spend 15 minutes for hair wash.

    Five to seven minutes for shampooing and the rest for conditioning and washing your hair. And, if you follow this simple hack, your hair will definitely shine the entire day. Curious to know what the hack is? Well, wait for it. The more curious you get, the more fun you will have.

    Hair Care Routine

    And, there is one question that many women often many times do we wash our hair in a week? Or do we wash it every day and how often? Well, the answer is pretty simple. As and when you feel the need to!

    Every time you feel your hair has become greasy or oily or too rough...just wash it and get the softness back.

    Simple, isn't it?

    So, now that I've answered your basic query, let's move on to the major part - hair care routine that you must follow in the morning, especially on the day you have to go for a hair wash.

    1. Oiling Your Hair

    A very important point to make note of. Oiling your hair is an essential part of hair care routine that everyone must follow, irrespective of their hair type. People say that you must oil your hair overnight and then wash it off the next morning. Yes, you can do that. But what if you forget to oil your hair at night and have to wash it in the morning? Nothing to worry! You can oil your hair in the morning, keep it for an hour and then wash it off. It will do the same amount of good as the overnight thing does.

    2. Shampoo Is Necessary

    Yes, it is. Shampooing your hair is extremely important. But as they say, everything has a limit. And so does shampooing your hair. One thing you should always remember is that, you should not overuse the shampoo, as it can make your hair dry and brittle. Take a little amount of shampoo, mix it with little water and gently massage your hair and scalp. This will ensure that your hair gets the proper nutrition it requires and stays strong. Keep massaging your hair with shampoo for a good 2-3 minutes and then wash it off with hot or lukewarm water.

    3. Conditioning Your Hair Is A Must

    This is the next and a very important step in hair care. Once you are done with shampooing your hair, ensure that all the water from your hair is strained out properly. Now, apply the conditioner in a downwards pattern. Start from the crown of your head and apply the conditioner till the tip of your hair. Do not apply conditioner on your scalp. Keep it for a good five minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Remember, cold water is the key here.

    4. Serum Is The Key

    Once you are done conditioning your hair, pat it dry with a towel. Make sure that you do not tie your hair with the towel. Just pat it dry and leave it at that. After some time, when the hair is half dried, you can apply a hair serum to your hair. Follow the same application process that you did for applying the conditioner. Start from the crown and bring it to the tips. Let your hair be like that till it completely gets dried. The key here is that you should just take a few drops of serum and apply it. Taking a lot of serum can make your hair look greasy again and will not serve your purpose.

    5. Let Your Hair Loose

    After you wash your hair, you should not tie it. Let it breathe. Let it loose and garb a lot of attention. Tying your hair can make it brittle. And, even if you have to tie it while travelling, you can just tie it loosely with a rubber band or a clip.

    10 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

    Tips That Will Help Your Hair Stay Strong

    Do not tie your hair very tight. It might make your hair turn brittle and result in breakage or hair fall.
    Do not wash your hair every day
    Do not blow-dry your hair, unless its very necessary - and not every day
    Do not brush your hair right after washing it. Let it dry first and then do your hairstyle
    Avoid using too many styling equipment
    Avoid stepping out of the house with wet hair

    So, now that you know all the dos and don'ts of hair care, I am pretty sure all you young ladies will incorporate these beauty tips in your daily routine and make your hair shine. Keep reading Boldsky for more such fun tips and tricks on hair care and skin care.

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    Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 11:07 [IST]
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