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Try These Simple Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

Every woman owns that one dress or one pair of spectacles on wearing which she looks young and pretty. To continue receiving such compliments more often, a simple way is to change your present hair style. It is a boring hair style that can double your age and make you look like an oldie. The remedy is opting for hairstyles that take over your age and make you appear young and pretty.

As we list the hairstyles that can make you look younger, at Boldsky we pick the simple ones that can be tried at home.

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Try these simple hairstyles at home in order to look young and pretty, always.


Fringes And Highlights

You must have tried fringes by now. But how about highlighting those with some hair colour? Hair colour is a must try makeover that becomes noticeable when you highlight your fringes. Go to the salon and try this. Or, do the fringe haircut from the salon and colour it at home. Together fringes and highlights on hair is a bingo combination that reduces any woman's age.


Chinese Fringe Haircut

By the name you may think that only women from China can do it, but by now all over the globe this fringe style has become popular. Ensure that the length of your Chinese fringe haircut does not cover your eyes. Also, once you go for this hairstyle, you have to keep the fringes well groomed and combed.


Crushed Curls

Those who are blessed with curly hair usually want to get rid of it. But the reality is curly hair makes one look younger. Specially for those with straight hair, curls become a makeover and a noticeable factor in their style statement. You can try natural curling methods at home or head to the salon for a good hair makeover. Please note, going for hair curls can reduce the length of your hair to quite an extent.


Straight Hair

Exactly opposite to curly hair, straight hair is also one way of looking young and radiant. By straight we mean, using heat to straighten your hair such that it becomes pin point straight. Hair can be straightened at home but requires time and patience. Straightening hair at the salon is comfortable and lasts longer.


Hair Accessory

By hair accessory, tucking in some bobby pins won't make a difference. You have to wear fancy hair accessories that grab others' attention. Some women get too conscious when they wear hair accessories. Don't become conscious and carry your hair accessory with ease. This will make you look younger and confident. While doing the hair, tie the hair accessory firm on the head such that it does not come out, without notice.


Switching The Parting

Originating since our grannies' times, it is true that switching the hair parting makes one look younger. So if you are too lazy or there is really less time in hand, then switching your hair parting is the fastest way to look young. Those with central hair parting can go for side swept hairstyles and vice-versa. Along with your changed hair parting, ensure you opt for the right hairdo.


Pixie Haircut

Very trending among fashionistas and viral on the Internet, pixie haircut is a must try when you want a hair makeover to hide your age. Pixie haircut shortens the length of the hair considerably making it manageable and easy to do. Without spending much time on your hair you can get an easy to carry look with a pixie haircut. Do your pixie haircut either from a trusted salon or your hair professional.

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