The One Thing You Need To Do When You Have Rough Hair

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Sometimes, no matter what you do, your hair remains rough. May be it's time to try out simple tricks that your ancestors suggested, isn't it? Yes, believe it or not, most of the cures to all your problems lie in what our grandmas recommended.

We have all been nonchalant about listening to their beauty advices at some point of time or the other. This happens even though we know that their advice is usually correct.

We tend to think that we can find fixes to these problems ourselves, with modern products. But what we don't realize is that these products could often be causing more damage in the long run.

They may help your hair look and feel smoother right after you apply, but the chemicals in them would eventually make your hair go bad.

That is why natural remedies are indeed the best. They definitely work and they don't even harm your hair. And a hot oil massage is the best thing you could do when you have rough hair. Rough hair is usually caused by damage.

So, here's why you should go for a hot oil massage regularly to treat rough, dry lifeless hair.


1. To Avoid Heat Damage:

One of the main things causing hair to be rough these days is actually heat damage because of all the styling tools that we use, like the straighteners and curlers. A hot oil massage can help with making the hair smooth if the hair is heat damaged.


2. To Manage Split Ends:

Having split ends would definitely make your ends really rough, if not all your hair. For this, focus on the ends when applying hot oil. A really good option is to heat up coconut oil and use it.


3. To Treat Hair Fall:

When you comb your rough hair, you would end up pulling out a lot of strands. This can be really painful, emotionally as well. A hot oil massage would help make your hair less rough, making combing a more pleasant experience.


4. To Get Smooth Hair:

Using serums to achieve smoother hair? Stop it right now. A weekly hot oil massage can actually make you stop needing serums, ever.


5. To Attain Shine:

Right after you wash your hair, after the hot oil massage, you will see your hair being shinier than ever. Now, who does not like shiny hair?


6. To Grow Hair:

The hot oil would help open up the pores on your scalp and remove all the impurities, and also improve blood circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth.


7. To Treat Dry Hair:

Dry hair is really rough. And what is the best way to make your hair a little less dry? By doing a hot oil massage of course! It is a perfect heat-damaged hair remedy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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