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Side Effects & Demerits Of Hair Straightening, Which No Salon Admits To

Hair straightening is a common treatment offered by salons and is in a high demand of late, as there is no doubt that it is a great makeover for that boring dull hair. Hair straightening can be done on any hair type and length. By now, you must have seen one of your friends or neighbours too, which could make you want to get it done as well.

demerits of hair straightening

Well, before counting on the plan, let's put in simple words that this hair treatment called hair straightening also comes with drawbacks and side effects. These are the side effects and demerits of hair straightening that no salon would reveal to you about.

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However, ask any woman who has undergone the treatment of hair straightening and she will also agree that this hair styling method includes the following demerits.

So, have a look at these side effects first, before you decide on opting for it.

Hair Scalp Allergy And Rash

A common myth regarding hair straightening is, everyone thinks that it's all about moving the hair straightener on your hair. Well, that happens when you opt for a temporary or home-based hair straightening technique. If you do a permanent hair straightening, then the chemicals are applied directly on your hair and scalp. This often leads to hair problems that can affect the scalp too. In fact, after hair straightening, many women ended at the dermat's chamber to treat their newly evolved hair scalp problems.

Refrain From Hair Style Experiments

Once you go for permanent hair straightening, your hair stays still and same for long. In fact, change of hairstyle requires either professional help or you have to wait for months. So, if you always love experimenting with your hair, then permanent straightening is a big no no. In case you are very sure that you won't get bored with the permanent straight hair, then you can go for it.

Permanent Hair Straightening Leads To Hair Fall

During permanent hair straightening, electronic heat is applied all over your hair to make it straight. This initially gives a good feel factor of course, but is backed with a common complaint of hair fall. If hair fall was already there, then it can become worse. In case you never had hair fall problem before, then don't be horrified to see a change on the same after undergoing the hair straightening process.

Regular Parlour Visits

Hair straightening is not a one-time process at the salon. It requires more than one sitting and you have to be patient with the pace of the salon professionals. Thus, once you nod a "yes" to permanent straight hair, you have to increase your parlour visits. These are no home remedies or tricks by which you can manage hair straightening or its associated problems at home.

Expensive Hair Treatments

Once you say "hello" to permanent hair straightening, more problems will come in. To solve the extended hair problems, you have to be in touch with the salon professionals at all times. This in a way can affect your hair, increasing your expense that will leave you with no other remedy. Also, cheaper options don't really do justice to the state of the hair.

Loss Of Natural Hair Texture

As hair straightening makes extra use of hair dryer, so the hair tends to lose its natural texture and moisture. The hair, therefore, becomes dry and frizzy after the permanent hair straightening process. This is one of the cons of permanent hair straightening that you will have to cope with and also get set to find a remedy.

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    Story first published: Friday, July 28, 2017, 17:05 [IST]
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