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Simple Tips To Treat Splitting Cuticles Now!

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Splitting cuticles - more than the pain, it is disturbing. All your attention is on your nails and you don't know how to get rid of the problem. Some instantly take a nail cutter hoping to file or cut the nail, but that's not a healthy way at all. So, how do we exactly treat a splitting cuticle?

Well, there are many applicants that can be regularly applied on the splitting cuticle to cure the problem. Along with these applicants, certain precautions must be taken in order to treat the problem of splitting cuticles.

splitting cuticles remedies

If you are having the problem of splitting cuticles and you want to learn the remedies for treating it at home, then take a look!

Before applying all the applicants listed here, ensure that the area that is prone to this is clean and dry. All treatments of a splitting cuticle should be executed on dry splitting cuticles only.



Under the oils that work on splitting cuticles, the list is long. You can apply coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil, and almond oil. To apply any of the listed oils, heat the oil in the microwave until it is lukewarm and then pour it on the splitting cuticle. As the area is very minute, you cannot massage the oil, but ensure it is well spread over the splitting cuticle. Do wear gloves after this, so that the oil can spend time and heal your splitting cuticle.


Honey And Aloe Vera Pack

With only two ingredients, you can prepare this splitting cuticle remedy pack. You have to mix raw honey with aloe vera gel in an equal proportion. Once it is mixed well, coat the splitting cuticle area with this pack and let it get dry. On applying the pack, your splitting cuticle area will feel cold, which is good. Next, after 10-15 minutes, wash off the area and you can further apply a cuticle cream (though this is optional).


Shea Butter

After applying the shea butter, let it be and there's no need to wash it off. The shea butter can be applied on the splitting cuticle at night, before going to sleep, for extra benefits. The butter heals the wound and soothes the area. Instead of raw shea butter, shea butter cream can also be used.



One of the very quick relieving remedies for a splitting cuticle is glycerin. Dab a cotton pad in glycerin and press it against the splitting cuticle. Hold it till the glycerin from the cotton pad dries off. Glycerin can be applied on the area multiple times in a day. However, before applying, ensure the splitting cuticle area is dry and clean.


Rubber Gloves

When the problem of splitting cuticle occurs, everyone suggests of wearing gloves. It is very good to wear gloves to protect your splitting cuticles. It is better to wear rubber gloves, as it does not disturb the area and keeps it healthy. For those who wear cotton gloves, threads could get stuck to the splitting cuticle and this can even lead to bleeding. It is therefore recommended to use rubber gloves until the area heals.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 7, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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