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Must-Try Hair Styling Options For Short Hair Women

Women with short hair often keep their hair simple, well combed and arranged. In the process, their short hair lacks style or does not get the attention it deserves. Where the short haired women go wrong is, they just consider that their hair cannot be styled. Well, that's a wrong thought.

Short haired women can also style their hair if they know the right way to do it. On heading to a beauty store, there are so many kinds of hair accessories and it is confusing to pick from these.

To help short haired women, here is a list of hair styling tips they can go for. These are mostly accessories or salon-based styling tips that can add that glam factor to their short hair. Check out the list and try the one that suits your persona and outfit the best. Read on.


Bobby Pins

The traditional and simple way to add an attention to short hair is by the use of bobby pins. Bobby pins come in a huge variety - in terms of colour, shapes, designs and size. Depending on your hair type, pick one or more bobby pins and place them on your hair. Bobby pins make the hair manageable, fix stray hair strands, yet add a style quotient to it.



So when women with short hair really plan to play with their hair, a tiara can work best, especially for those special occasions. Yes, tiaras are available easily and in so many designs. Pick a tiara that suits your look. Also, ensure the size of the tiara is at par with the size of your head. After neatly combing the hair, put on the tiara and girl, you are ready to be the center of attention.

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Rubber Bands

Girls with short hair often wonder how they can put rubber bands on their hair. Well, how about some tiny plaits or ponytails along the short hair and fixing them with rubber bands? You can do numerous plaits and ponytails with the short hair and use variety of rubber bands for this purpose. The rubber bands come in a vast variety and are safe for the hair and can be used for any duration, provided they are not too tight .


Hair Bands

Short hair women can also use hair bands as their hair styling option. The hairbands hold the front fringes of the hair, which is many a times disturbing on the eyes. Women can match the hair bands with their outfit. Along with styling, hair bands also keep the hair in shape, even after hours of combing it.


Coloured Streaks Or Fringes

One of the trending hair styling option is, colouring the hair, irrespective of its length. Women with short hair can also colour their hair to add a style quotient to it. It is not mandatory to go for a global hair colour in case of short hair. You can also go for hair colour streaks or highlights, depending on what kind of a hair makeover you are looking at.


Hair Clips

Last but not the least, women with short hair can always put on those fancy hair clips. Remember the hair clips you used to put on during your school days? Well, these are never out of fashion! Use the same to style your short hair, as they come in many designs and varieties.


Turban Or Bandana

In this, a colourful piece of cloth is sequentially arranged all over the hair. This adds to the look of the woman while protecting her hair from any kind of a damage. For women with long hair, putting on a turban or bandana is tough. Also, hair fringes pop out of the cloth. For women with short hair, everything goes inside the bandana or turban, making the hair look neat and tied up well.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 17:00 [IST]