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Side Effects Of Permanent Hair Straightening

By Somya Ojha
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Straight hair has always been in trend. And, it is safe to say that this trend is not going anywhere, as still there are countless women who get expensive procedures done to make their hair appear straight.

There are women who use hair straighteners on a regular basis to ensure that their tresses appear smooth and sleek. On the other hand, there are those too who go for permanent hair straightening. This procedure is done at beauty salons with the help of commercial straightening products and heat styling devices.

Permanent hair straightening is usually done in 2-3 sessions. Because of the products and the devices used, this hair-straightening treatment can surely burn a hole in one's wallet.

Yet thousands of women go for this treatment, as they consider it to be a one-time investment. But when it comes to permanent hair-straightening treatments, there is more than what meets the eye.

Like other treatments, this one too comes with its own set of side effects. And, there are a few side effects that every woman should be aware of before getting a permanent hair straightening done.

In case you're wondering what those are, then we've got you covered. As today at Boldsky, we've zeroed in on some of the most common side effects of permanent hair straightening.

Styling of your hair is important for making it appear gorgeous and flaunt-worthy. However, ensuring that your tresses stay healthy and damage-free is also equally important.

Read on to know more about these side effects, here.


1. Hair Fall

The most common side effect of permanent hair straightening is excessive shedding of the hair. This happens because of the weak hair roots. And the harsh chemicals as well as the heating technique used during the hair straightening session can weaken your hair roots and cause severe hair fall.


2. Excessive Dryness

The process of hair straightening can leave your hair looking excessively dry and dehydrated. This too can be a result of prolonged heat and usage of harmful chemicals for straightening the strands.


3. Allergy

This is another side effect of hair straightening. The products used for altering the texture of your strands are usually packed with harsh chemicals. And these chemicals can cause unpleasant allergies. That is why, it is important to pick high-quality products for hair straightening purpose.


4. Burnt Out Strands

Prolonged heat can burn out your hair strands and leave them feeling extremely rough. This is another side effect of permanent hair straightening that a lot of women complain of.


5. Brittle Hair

Both chemicals and heat used in the hair straightening process can leave your tresses looking brittle. And brittle hair looks unsightly and unhealthy. To prevent this from happening, you can include a hair serum in your beauty routine to give your tresses and scalp a major boost of hydration.


6. Dullness

Another side effect of hair straightening is dullness. This beauty procedure can strip your hair off of its natural oil and shine, thereby making it look dull and lifeless. However, regular oil treatment can help the hair regain its natural shine and beauty.


7. Lack Of Re-growth

Several hair care experts believe that getting a permanent hair straightening can have a negative impact on the growth of your hair. This could be because of the damage caused to the hair follicles by the chemicals and the heat used in the process.


8. Cuticle Damage

Another side effect that any woman going for permanent hair straightening needs to be aware of is that this beauty procedure can cause an irreversible damage to your cuticles. This kind of damage can lead to various unsightly conditions and make your tresses appear weak and unhealthy.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 14, 2017, 15:20 [IST]
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