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Hairstyles For Thin Hair That Can Be Tried This Festive Season

With the upcoming festive season, your hair is sure worth a tension. Those with long, thick hair worry less, but the ones with thin hair definitely spend more time wondering what to do with their hair.

Ladies, you can browse through this list of fancy hairstyles that are ideal for women with thin hair. These hairstyles do not require much time to do or effort to spend, yet the final outcome is spectacular.

These hairstyles should be picked at par with the shape of your face. Personal preference is your first priority in deciding your hairstyle for the upcoming festive season. Go ahead and do take a look.


One Side Plait

Generations have done this hairstyle yet its aura never diminishes. This hairstyle is a quickee to do if you have a scrunchie and some bobby pins ready. A tip for one side plait is, place it on the other side of your saree pallu or dupatta. You can always decorate your one side plait with pearl balls or natural flowers.


High Ponytail

Ponytail might sound boring. But how about a high ponytail? A high ponytail changes the appearance of the face and on the back, the hair looks much longer. Fix your long ponytail at the base and do comb in well, so that it does not look clumsy or tangled.


Curl Your Hair

How about some curling this festive season? Well, those with thin hair can go for curling and this is a makeover that none can miss noticing. Undoubtedly, the curled up hair appears to be thicker and this can be tied or just kept open. To curl your hair, visit the salon or do some thin, tight plaits on wet hair.


Half A Hair Bun

Very much viral among fashionistas, in this, half of your hair is secured in a bun, while the other half is kept open. This half a bun hairstyle is simple to do and goes great with western looks. This hairstyle looks extra perfect with coloured hair.


High Hair Bouffant

Go a little retro this time with a hair bouffant on the top. Hair bouffant can be done using the backbrush technique. This makes the hair look volumnious and has been an all-time hit. You can end your hair bouffant with hair ponytails, plaits or open hair.


Pixie Hair Cut

If your hair is very, very thin, just crop it off this time opting for a pixie hair cut. Pixie hair cut goes good with both Indian and western attires. Pixie hair cut is easy to carry, yet requires frequent visits to the salon. Use hair accessories to highlight your pixie hair cut.


Side-swept Hairdo

One of the forever favourite hairstyles for fashionistas is a side-swept hairdo. Very simple to do, make a steep and clean parting on the extreme side of your face and keep the rest of the hair on the other side. Side-swept hairdo can be combined with plaits, open hair or a bun.


Fringes With Steps And Layers

Add a style quotient to your hair with fringes, steps and layers that will add volume to your existing hair. For this, you will need a good hair stylist and also, ensure you take care of your hair steps, layers and fringes later on. This style reserves option for open hair, hair ponytail, plait and so on.


Global Hair Colour

One of the smartest ways for a hair makeover is going for a global hair colour. The process requires multiple sittings at the salon and you'll need to be a little choosy in deciding your apt hair colour. Ensure you pick the right hair colour brand as well. Global hair colour transforms the facial appearance completely.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 3, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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