Why Red Algae Is Good For Your Hair

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Some types of sea weeds and algae are really good for your hair, skin and even nails. We'll tell you the benefits of and why red algae is good for your hair.

Red algae is a huge part of Japanese diets and skincare rituals, and the whole point of the world being so well connected now, is to incorporate the best of other traditions into our own. And what's the harm really, if in return we get gorgeous locks?

A lot of Japanese products have red algae as an ingredient. And of late, we can see that ingredient in a few products closer home as well.

It often acts as a natural cleanser, cleaning out the gunk from the hair without drying out the hair. It is known to help in repairing the worst forms of damage. We see a lot of Asian and Japanese people with amazing, flawless hair, and, of course, it wouldn't be bad at all to be blessed with such hair.

Here's why you should buy products containing red algae.

1. Stronger Hair: The antioxidants in this sea weed help it bulk up the hair, to make it seem like damage never happened. This is one of the reasons why red algae is good for your hair.

2. Repairs Split Ends: This is one of the few ingredients that would actually repair your split ends and even prevent further split ends. This does not happen in a day, of course, you have to be patient.

why red algae is good for your hair

3. Restores Moisture: It helps retain water in the skin and restores moisture. So it would basically keep the skin well moisturised all day long. For this, you'd need a red algae-based spray or face serum.

why red algae is good for your hair

4. Replenishes Skin: This also helps replenish the skin and definitely slows down signs of ageing. Who said red algae could only be used for your hair?

why red algae is good for your hair

5. Makes Hair Softer: Using a product with red algae as an ingredient would make your hair softer, even after just using it once.

why red algae is good for your hair

6. Promotes Hair Growth: It inhibits testosterone-producing factors in the scalp and mimics hormones that promote hair growth. Overtime, this will definitely help your hair grow faster.

why red algae is good for your hair

7. Enhances Skin Barrier Function: Red algae can help shield your skin from the harmful things present in your everyday environment. These could be dust, sun rays or pollution or even provide a barrier between your skin and your makeup.
why red algae is good for your hair
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Story first published: Thursday, November 10, 2016, 11:02 [IST]
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