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7 Tips To Take Care Of Coloured Hair

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Colouring hair is a really good option, be it for style or for covering up the greys. There are lots of different brands you could try from to colour your hair. You could do it at home or even get it done at a parlour. The store-bought hair colours come with directions and instructions. Also, there are certain tips to keep in mind when taking care of coloured hair.

Make sure you pick a trusted brand because the chemicals in the hair colour can be really strong and more often than not, hair colours have ammonia in them. This is a chemical agent responsible for bleaching hair. This can make the hair turn dry and brittle.

You may be aiming to make your hair look great, and glossy and shiny, like you see in magazines, but it can end up looking dry and dull if you don't take care of it well. It can look lifeless with no lustre at all, which definitely is not the kind of hair you want, isn't it?

But luckily, we have some amazing tips here for you to help you take care of coloured hair a lot better. Check them out!



Pick a shampoo that is free of sulphate and is specially made for coloured hair. Try to avoid shampooing a lot, as this would make the colour fade away faster and even strip your hair of its natural oils.


Dry Shampoo

Use a dry shampoo for days when you don't a shampoo. Stick to shampooing your hair twice in a week. Keep this tip for taking care of coloured hair in mind always.



Use a conditioner specifically made for coloured hair, as these conditioners provide more nourishment than other conditioners do. This is one of the best tips to take care of coloured hair.


DIY Conditioners

For more gentle conditioning, there can be nothing better than using natural ingredients. The ingredients you can use are mayonnaise, yogurt, aloe vera and a lot of different kinds of carrier oils like coconut and olive oils.


Oil Treatment

Deep condition your hair with oil at least once every week. This ensures that the moisture in the hair remains locked in. Massaging the oil also ensures blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes healthier hair growth.



Be careful when choosing the shade you want, as some of the shades can actually cause more hair fall. Red is one such shade. So, pick the hair shade carefully and yes, this is a best hair care tip for coloured hair.


Water Temperature

Make sure you don't use hot water when you wash dyed hair. Hot water opens up the surface of the hair strands and makes the dye leech out sooner than it would. So, you could use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 10, 2016, 7:01 [IST]
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