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Tips To Save Rain-Soaked Hair

By: Kumutha

An evil that you inevitably face during monsoon is bad hair days. You spend hours perfecting that hairdo, you step out, ready to take on the day and heavy torrents hit you from all sides.

Dripping, flat and smelly hair is not a great look to carry on for the day. Besides, rain water often tends to be acidic and a carrier of major pollutants, which can trigger some major hair problems.

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monsoon hair care tips

Rather than packing your hair with all kinds of styling products, the key here is to keep it simple. Tie your hair in a loose braid or, better yet, roll it in a bun to minimize the damage.

monsoon hair care tips

And instead of relying on an umbrella to keep you rain safe, opt for a long raincoat instead. And whatever you do, always keep your scalp clean to avoid an itchy scalp or flaky dandruff.

Apart from that, here are a few handy tips to salvage your hair from the worst of the downpour.

monsoon hair care tips

Cleanse Your Scalp
If you become an unwitting victim of heavy rainfall, the first thing you need to do is wash your hair as soon as you reach home. As chances are there that you will get caught up in the rain quite often, using chemical-based shampoos every time will do more damage than any good. Switch to natural alternatives instead like diluted baking soda solution. It will remove dirt buildup, control excess oil , while keeping flaky dandruff in check.

monsoon hair care tips

Keep Your Hair Dry
The acid present in the rain can make your scalp itchy, lead to dandruff, not to mention cause foul odour to emit from your scalp. Keep a small towel handy at all times. Squeeze out excess water and pat dry your scalp gently to remove moisture. And whatever you do, refrain from combing your hair to dry it faster. It will entangle hair causing breakage.

monsoon hair care tips

Avoid Styling Products
Hair serums, gels and heating tools are a big no-no during monsoon. Due to humidity, your scalp will be naturally greasy and the chemicals present in the styling products will only add on to the grease, leading to scalp infection or itchiness. Keep it natural and clean as much as possible. And to soak up the added moisture in your scalp, try sprinkling some baby powder.

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monsoon hair care tips

Go For A Hair Cut
Another way to salvage your rain soaked hair is trimming. Keep split ends at bay by regularly trimming them. And treat your hair to hot oil massages. It will nourish hair strands preventing split ends. And go for simple hair cuts that are easy to manage.

monsoon hair care tips

Nourishing Hair Mask
Monsoon is the time you need to invest extra time in your hair care. A nourishing mask will strengthen hair, prevent hair fall and make it manageable. Aloe vera gel can make for an exceptional hair mask. Rich in anti-bacterial properties it will cure any infection, reduce itchiness, while making your hair soft and shiny.

Drink ample water, avoid sharing combs and never commit the mistake of styling wet hair. Other than this, if you have any more tips to save rain-soaked hair, do share it in the comment section below!

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Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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