Things You Do Every Day That Are Causing Your Hair To Fall

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Everyone wants to avoid hair fall. It is one of the most common concerns that is faced by women all over the world. But did you know that unknowingly you are doing some of the mistakes that could actually be causing your hair to fall even more?

Many things you do on an everyday basis could be causing even more hair fall. You do these things because it isn't exactly common knowledge that these things could be causing hair fall. Obviously, you don't really intend to do any damage to your hair, so it is best to know about hair fall mistakes to avoid.

These are all very normal things that most of us end up doing unknowingly. So, don't worry, we made a list of the things for you and with just a little bit of care, you can stop all of these problems from happening.

It all lies in your control and a few habits that need to be changed. You'd be surprised at how much you have been unknowingly contributing to your hair fall.

So, here are all the things that you should definitely stop doing to reduce hair fall and avoid them at any cost.

1. Brushing After Washing: Wet hair is sensitive and more prone to breakage. That is why, you should always avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. Instead, gently run your fingers down your hair to remove any tangles.

mistakes that cause hair fall

2. Washing Too Much: Washing your hair too much, which is on a daily basis, can be really bad for your hair. Shampoos have chemicals that strip the hair off its natural oils that could eventually weaken the hair shaft.

mistakes that cause hair fall

3. Conditioner On Scalp: Always use conditioner on your ends. Using it on your scalp can make it extremely greasy and even cause your hair to fall even more.

mistakes that cause hair fall

4. Too Much Oiling: Mistakes that cause hair fall also include oiling your hair excessively. Even something as recommended as oiling can be detrimental if done too much. Keeping oil on your hair for too long can make your hair a lot greasier than you need it to be. Along with that, it even attracts dust, making the scalp dirty and unhygienic.

mistakes that cause hair fall

5. Heat Styling: Too much heat styling, that is, using tools like blow dryers, straighteners or curling irons can damage the hair follicles and cause breakage too.

mistakes that cause hair fall

6. Cheap Products: Usually, a lot of research goes into branded, expensive products, so when it comes to hair care, never settle for cheap products. These could actually be more laden with chemicals than the more expensive kinds.

mistakes that cause hair fall

7. Dirty Scalp: Dirty scalps lead to buildup of infections, which can eventually lead to damage in the hair follicles and therefore cause excessive hair loss. So, this is a mistake that causes hair fall if not taken care of at the right time.

mistakes that cause hair fall
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Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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