Things People With Healthy Hair Never Do!

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We often look at a person with good hair and ask ourselves, "how is their hair so thick and shiny?"

"What are they doing that I am not doing?"

People with head full of good hair don't just take optimum care of their mane, but there are also things they never do to their hair. For instance, combing hair when wet.

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Your hair is at its weakest when wet. It stretches to its maximum capacity, and the slightest tug can pull it right off the roots.

Combing hair when wet is like plowing your own garden of plants. Rooting for mayhem!

You do not have to splurge exorbitant money on hair spas or spend hours trying out new home remedies for hair fall.

Sometimes, taking care of your hair is as simple as massaging your scalp before sleep, or eating right, or being gentle on your tresses.

So, we did our research and asked the right people and this is what we found out. Take a look.


Washing Hair Often

There is no hand-written guidebook as such that you have to wash your hair thrice in a week. Depending on the greasiness of your scalp, washing hair twice can be enough. Excessive washing strips the scalp of natural oils, which in turn leaves scalp dry and flaky.


Oiling Too Much

Yes, oiling nourishes scalp, seals cuticles and promotes new hair follicles. However, the real question is how many times should you oil your hair, or how long should you let it sit? If you have an oily scalp, avoid oiling hair more than once a week. And letting the oil sit for 2 hours on scalp works just the same as leaving it overnight.


Never Oil When You Have Dandruff

Another hair care habit to break. Avoid oiling hair if you have dandruff. Oil makes scalp sticky, which triggers infection, which in turn leads to flaky dandruff. If you have to oil, use tea tree oil, as it has antibacterial properties that keep dandruff at bay.


Never Comb Hair When Wet

Hair is at its weakest when wet. Combing it then causes hair fall. Instead, drain out the excess moisture from hair by dabbing it with a towel. Let it air dry naturally. And then, remove the tangles with your fingers.


Chock Hair With Chemicals

One thing people with healthy hair never do is chock their follicles with chemicals. From toxic chemicals, synthetic derivatives to artificial fragrance, your hair care products will chock follicles, which can only lead to more hair fall.


Applying Shampoo Directly On The Scalp

Healthy hair habit is to dilute the shampoo with water first. Take a dollop in the palm of your hand. Mix it with a small amount of water. Gently massage it on to your scalp for 2 minutes and then rinse.


Never Use Ammonia-based Hair Dyes

Whether you have grey hair, or want to jazz up your mane with a funky new colour. Take a close look at the ingredients mentioned in the label, understand what each ingredient does to your locks. And whatever you do, avoid ammonia-based dyes.


Sharing Combs

A comb is a breeding ground of bacteria, dead skin cells, flakes of dandruff and natural oil from the scalp. And when you share someone else's comb, you are inadvertently inviting all the gunk from someone else's hair on to your own scalp.


Tight Pony Tails

Tieing hair into a tight pony tail disrupts the elasticity of your hair and puts pressure on your scalp, leading to breakage. Elastic band too breaks hair. Instead, use a scrunchy and tie your hair in a loose braid.


Never Expose Hair Under The Sun

Another thing to never do to your hair is to expose it too much under the sun. UV rays, wind and pollution can disrupt the natural oil balance of your scalp, leaving it dry, brittle and rough. Avoid stepping out under the direct glare of the sun after 11 AM; and if you have to, use a scarf to cover your hair.


Never Pull The Snarls In Hair

Rather than ripping the comb through your hair, use your fingers to detangle it. Use a wide-toothed comb and start from the roots and then, work your way to the crown of your hair to reduce breakage.


Never Skip On Eating Right

One thing that people with healthy hair never do is skip on their diet. No amount of topical care is going to bring about any difference, unless you don't make a change within. What is inside is what reflects outside. So, follow a well-balanced diet, drink ample of water and exercise to get the blood flowing.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 24, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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