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How To Use Neem Oil For Multiple Scalp Problems?

By Riddhi

Neem, or Indian lilac, is widely known for its medicinal and antibacterial properties. It used to treat a lot of hair and scalp problems. Listed here are different scalp conditions and how you could use neem oil to treat the scalp problems, take a look.

You must have seen a lot of shampoos and face washes using neem as an ingredient. It is the gentlest way to get rid of any bacteria that could potentially be harmful.

Scalp infections can happen to people of all age groups and genders, and they don't really have anything to do with hygiene. So, wouldn't it be good to have something that can help deal with this problem without being too harsh on the skin or hair?

So, for this we have neem oil, which can help sort out almost all your hair and scalp problems. We will be listing down some ways it can benefit your hair and why you should definitely include neem oil for hair in your hair care routine.

The best part is that you can make it at home, although you can buy a branded one if that is what you prefer.

So, here's how neem oil can benefit your scalp and hair and how neem oil can be used for scalp problems.


1. Dandruff:

Dandruff affects people with oily scalps as well as people with dry scalps. And for most of them, neem is the cure. Boil neem leaves in coconut oil and use this to massage your scalp to say goodbye to dandruff for good.


2. Itchy Scalp:

Similarly, neem can help kill the bacteria on the scalp that could be causing it to itch badly. This is one of the best ways to use neem oil for your scalp.


3. Hair Fall:

Massaging neem oil on your scalp can help improve blood circulation and promote new hair to grow, while strengthening the hair follicles too to prevent hair fall.


4. Smelly Scalp:

Sometimes, the excessive bacteria on the scalp can cause the scalp to smell bad, along with making the hair smell bad too. You can either use neem oil to fix this or make a paste out of neem leaves mixed with water and apply that as a mask on your scalp.


5. Hair Breakage:

Another problem faced by a lot of women is the problem of hair breakage. To get rid of this, the hair strands need moisture, so use neem oil once every week to sort this problem that mostly begins with a scalp problem.


6. Scalp Acne:

A lot of people suffer from acne on their scalps, and these can be even worse than the acne on your face. They turn into huge red boils. A little neem oil can help bring down the inflammation and heal the boils caused by scalp acne.


7. Oily Scalp:

If you are wondering how neem oil can be used for scalp problems, then you could apply it directly on your scalp and massage. It helps balance the level of oil on the scalp and thereby helps treat the issue of oily scalp.

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