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Easy Ways To Get Soft Curls Without Using Heat

By: Riddhi Roy

Heat styling from curlers and blow dryers can be really damaging to the hair. Regular heat styling can make the hair dry, brittle and break easily. It also causes split ends. But a lot of people use them on a regular basis for curls. There isn't a very good alternative to a straightening iron yet but there are many ways to get curls without using heat.

Curls can dress up any look and go with both casual and formal clothes. With flat hair, one would need a fancy up do for a formal event. But with curls, hair can just be worn down. And usually, the curls achieved from using a curling iron can appear stiff and not natural. And stiff curls do not look nice.

home beauty tips

So we want a way to get natural looking loose curls without damaging the hair at all. It would save you from spending a lot on a salon or on buying a heat styling tool and can be done quite easily. So here's how to get the no heat soft curls.

home beauty tips

Wash and condition your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner. Do this towards the evening. While still damp, partition your hair into two equal sections. Tie the damp hair into two braids. You can tie the hair into three or more equal braids too, depending on how tight you want the curls to be. Leave these braids overnight and wake up to gorgeous soft curls. Apply some leave-in conditioner or serum to make sure the curls stay in place. You could even use hairspray for extra long hold.

home beauty tips
home beauty tips

Alternatively, you tie all of your hair into tiny little buns after using a leave-in cream on damp hair and let it stay like that the entire night. Both these methods work, although the braids provide the perfect curls.

There, now you can enjoy your no heat curls!

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