How To Know If It Is Time To Switch Your Shampoo?

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How do you know if it is time to switch your shampoo? What are the signs you need to look out for? Is changing shampoo bad for your hair? So many questions and next to no answers.

We have all been there, and more often than not, made our own decisions, gone with the whim, not really knowing the answers.


Time to squash the long-held rumours and we set out to find the answers! And the answers were both enlightening and kind of obvious.

Why does your regular shampoo that worked fine one day leave your mane dull, limp and flat on the other?

It is not the formulation that has stopped working, but it is just the weather and your hair requirements that have changed. And the idea is to not change the shampoo, but to rotate it!

For instance, changing climatic condition will bring with it varied hair care woes. You need to rustle up the routine every now and then to address the specific problem.

And with hair care manufacturers introducing sophisticated line of products designed to suit different hair types, sticking to one product year round does not really make sense.

So, here are a few key points that you need to keep in mind when deciding how often you should switch your shampoo!

Climate Change

itchy scalp

Humid weather, coupled with air conditioner can leave your mane greasy. We recommend using mild cleansing shampoo, which removes dead skin cells and sebum, without stripping your hair dry.

Similarly, during winter, switch your shampoo for a moisturising formula that keeps the hair strands from drying out.

Hair Texture

hair texture

Know your hair type. Does it tend to be overly dry or oil-prone? What about dandruff and dead ends? There is no one product that will address it all. What you need to do is alternate between the two to really resolve the issue.

Every Day Activity Variation

work out

It is not just the climate change and hair type that determine how a given shampoo will work on your tresses, there are external factors too.

For instance, if you have started working out, chances are your hair is producing more oils than usual. In such instances, you need to opt for mild clarifying shampoo, which allows you to shampoo often to remove excess grease, without stripping your scalp dry.

Similarly, if you have started swimming, you need to pick up hair products with added protection.

Give Double Shampooing A Try

double shampoo

Double shampooing basically does the job of cleansing the chemical overload on your scalp, while hydrating the hair ends. The idea is simple, chumpy your hair as usual. Using a clarifying shampoo, deep cleanse your hair roots. Follow it up with a deep moisturizing shampoo. This technique is best suited for people with thick and long hair.

Dietary Changes


As they say, it is what is inside that reflects on the outside. If your mane is excessively dry and limp, pack up on the lean meat and veggies to introduce shine and smoothness back into your hair.


hair rinse

When it comes to picking the right shampoo or changing your shampoo, there is only one rule. Follow your scalp condition. If it's thirsty, give it a moisturizing shot, and if it is greasy, opt for a clarifying one.

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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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