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Home Remedies To Perfectly Straighten Your Hair

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Though curly hair has its own charm, girls prefer to have long and straight hair, as it is flowing and goes with every face type. If you have those long, straight and flowing locks, you are blessed.

But, everyone is not so lucky. They tend to go to a saloon for hair straightening. But, the process of hair straightening is not always good for your hair.

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Many ladies have told that they faced tremendous hair fall after the process. Besides, ironing your hair with heat is not good at all. And you can't forget about the cost for hair straightening and the after care.

Why to go through such hazards when you have home remedies to perfectly straighten your hair?

Yes, so far you've known about natural remedies to clean dandruff or home remedies to get silky smooth hair, but natural remedies to perfectly straighten your hair were unknown to many of you, isn't it?

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Hopefully, after knowing the home remedies to perfectly straighten your hair, you will stop going to saloons. Those chemicals and heating products are actually not good for your hair.

To have straight and lustrous locks, you just need to search in your kitchen and refrigerator.

These remedies to perfectly straighten your hair don't have any side effects and you can get positive results within a few days. Here are some effective home remedies to perfectly straighten your hair, have a look.


1. Hot Oil Treatment:

The heat of the hot oil makes your curly locks straight within little time and also provides moisture and nutrients to your scalp and hair. You can use coconut, olive or sesame oil for this treatment.


2. Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice:

When you mix these two ingredients, you get a natural conditioner that helps to make your hair straight. Apply the paste after shampooing, wait for a few minutes and wash off. If you apply it twice in a week, you'll get visible results.


3. Milk, Honey And Strawberry:

This is one of the most helpful remedies to perfectly straighten your hair. Take one cup of milk and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Add some smashed strawberries into it. Apply it and wrap your hair with a towel. Wait for an hour and shampoo your hair.


4. Castor Oil:

You can consider it as one of the best home remedies to perfectly straighten your hair. Heat the oil and massage on your scalp and hair gently. Soak a towel in warm water and wrap it around your head. Wait for half an hour and wash thoroughly.


5. Olive Oil And Eggs:

While olive oil moisturises your hair, eggs bring a nice shine and smoothness to your locks. Make a pack with some egg whites and olive oil and apply it thoroughly. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and wait for 45 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo. You'll get straight locks without much effort.


6. Banana Hair Mask:

Smash some ripe bananas and add yogurt and honey into it. If your hair is too dry and frizzy, add olive oil. Apply the pack on your scalp and hair, and cover it with a shower cap. Wash after 30 minutes. Getting straight and shiny hair is this easy.


7. Fuller's Earth:

So far you've used it for a glowing skin. But, it can also give you straight and shining hair. Make a mixture with fuller's earth, rice flour and egg white. Make a thin mixture. Apply it thoroughly. Comb with a wide-toothed comb and wait for an hour. Wash it thoroughly.


8. Celery Juice:

Extract the juice of celery leaves and store it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, apply the juice thoroughly from the roots to tip of your hair. Comb it well and wrap up your head with a shower cap or towel. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off. See the magic!


9. Aloe Vera Mask:

Due to the moisturising properties, it is one of the best home remedies to perfectly straighten your hair. Make this pack with aloe gel and olive oil. You can add essential oils like sandalwood oil into it. Apply it thoroughly and wash using a baby shampoo after 1 or 2 hours.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 9, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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